Seatylock BIke Lock

Debuting this year at Eurobike is Seatylock. It’s folding lock that’s built into the saddle. With an included aluminum seatpost adaptor, the combo snaps on and off the bike fairly easily. Once removed from the seatpost, by inserting and twisting a key, hardened steel links coated in plastic unfold to a lock one meter in length.

Seatylock will be offered in three models – Sport, Trekking, and Comfort – with protective seat covers. No pricing or mass availability is set yet, and we’ll get it to you when the info rolls in. Click ‘more’ for the vid…

From Seatylock:

Seatylock is an elegant solution for a common problem we all face as urban bike riders. It’s an integrated part of your bike and you no longer need to carry heavy locks or forget to take one. It has various adapters that allow compatibility with all bikes in the market. Our platform can accept a variety of saddles and different designs that are easily replaced. Seatylock is a Great Solution as an OEM product for urban bikes.


  1. I don’t agree with their problem statement. How hard is it to instinctively put a lock back in your bag after you unlock your bike? Where else would you put it? Just leave it on the street?

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