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Ever lubed a chain with WD-40?… me neither. Good thing is, WD-40’s out with a line of products made specifically for bikes – wet chain lubricant, dry chain lubricant, a heavy-duty degreaser, a frame protectant, and a foaming bike wash. WD-40 Bike will debut in September at Interbike and it’ll hit the market shortly after.

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WD-40 Bike Line Dry Chain Lubricant WD-40 Bike Line Bike Chain Lubricant Wet

From WD-40:

Developed over a span of 12 months via collaboration between WD-40 scientists, professional bike mechanics and independent bicycle retailers, the WD-40 BIKE line was designed for maintenance-minded and discriminating cycling enthusiasts. The line will be featured in bicycle retailers across the United States.

“The WD-40 brand is definitely no stranger to bicycling,” offers Mike Irwin, Managing Partner of WD-40 BIKE Company. “The original WD-40 Multi-Use Product has been a mainstay in the toolboxes of bike mechanics for decades. The new WD-40 BIKE line blends our considerable experience with the demands of today’s bike technology to present a comprehensive high-performance maintenance package.”

WD-40 BIKE will make its public debut at the Interbike and Outdoor Demo tradeshows, both held in Las Vegas, NV from September 17-21, 2012. Orders will be accepted at that time and begin shipping to US bicycle retailers in November 2012.

WD-40 Bike Line Heavy Duty Degreaser WD-40 Bike Line Foaming Wash

WD-40 Bike Line Frame Protectant

The website’s not up yet, officially, but it’ll sit here.


  1. Dan on

    interesting to see a company that was once so bad for bikes (not that is was their foult people used it on bikes) to finally make a line of products that is good for bikes. It will be really interesting to see if the stuff is any good!

  2. Xris on

    It will come out and no matter how terrible it is, it will sell by the hundreds of thousands. It’s the branding. The recognizable WD-40 logo which will make everyone in the bike industry rich off of selling chain lubes and bike cleaners. I’m in.

  3. er999 on

    At the Pass’portes (Switzerland) this summer, they give a can for free with our packs. I couldn’t believe this and told people not to use on their chain. WD40 is a volatile water displacement oil that should NEVER be used on a bike, except temporarily.

    Now everyone will get confused, it should be banished. Remember not to use WD40 on some plastics/rubbers it will damage them.

    Next thing, WD40 brake fluid ?! Excellent !

  4. boroboonie on

    Idiots across america have been using WD-40 for years and years on their bikes. At least now, assuming they can read, they’ll see the word “bike” on it and reach for that one instead. WD-40, Coming to wal-marts across the world.

  5. Ck on

    I thought I read an article recently about them talking about how they’re more of a company built around a brand name and spend more of their money defending the brand rather than innovating new products. Doesn’t sound like a company i’d want to trust in terms of new products.

  6. thejonpalmer on

    “The original WD-40 Multi-Use Product has been a mainstay in the toolboxes of bike mechanics for decades”


    I’ve only been a bike mechanic for 1.5 decades but I don’t remember seeing WD-40 anywhere.

  7. Seth on

    I’ll be that guy. I admit to using WD-40 on my bike. Why? Because it works well enough, and my ss chain seems to run fine with it on there. I only use it on the chain, and my chain has never had an issue due to it.

  8. Brett on

    I’ve used WD-40. But there is a lot of stuff out there that is a lot better and has been making bicycle specific products and supporting cyclists for a long time.

    Maybe some of this stuff will be good but I’ll stick with Phil’s, Pedro’s, Rock & Roll, Pro Link….

    Plus I’d just like to avoid that conversation where I try to explain why the WD-40 we sell in the shop is different and better than the WD-40 you buy at the hardware store or department store in a big cheap container.

  9. Mike McCormack on

    Conscientious mainstream brand, good corporate citizen, entering the space respectfully (of cycling in general as well as of its competitive set) and having done due diligence…I agree – why all the pushback? Anything that pushes cycling and the respect of it into the mainstream is a GOOD thing. YMMV.

  10. Jeff Trevino on

    Contrary to much of is being said here, I have used WD40 for years on my bike chains with excellent results. It is the best product for breaking down the gooey grease new chains (shimano in particular) pack chains in and then it is a great chain conditioner thereafter. My method has always been to wipe down my chain with a WD40 impregnated rag/wipe as part of my prep for every ride. I agree it is not good as a set and forget once a month lube as it evaporates over time (this is what makes it great if you maintain your chain ride by ride – no buildup). I agree with Mike M. about the company in general (good corp. citizens) and look forward to trying the new Bike specific products.


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