orange seal cycling tubeless bike tire sealant

Orange Seal tubeless tire sealant has redesigned their bottle to eliminate any measuring cup or syringe and ease usage. The new Injector Top uses a medical design to keep it closed tight when not in use and attaches a tube that fits right over the valve stem. It makes it easier to meter the fluid out and all but eliminate spillage.

The new valve stems have a large ovalized rubber boot at the bottom that’s not likely to pull through. It can be trimmed down if going in a super narrow rim but provides a better seal than the common small boots.

They’ve also revamped their rim tape to be stronger and won’t stretch like their original tape. It’ll come in 36 yard (not a typo) lengths and in 1″ and 3/4″ widths (about 19mm and 25mm).


  1. Jake on

    Our shop had the opportunity to do some product testing for Orange Seals, and the new tape was part of it. The original white tape was extremely flimsy and stretched too easily. The orange tape was much less pliable, although still less rigid than Stan’s. It was more durable and the slight amount of stretch it does have made it easier to tape to a rim.

  2. Matt on

    Orange Seal is by far the best sealant I’ve ever used.

    Just make sure you shake the bejeebers out of it or you won’t get a good suspension of the particles.


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