2013 Specialized S-Works Crux disc brake cyclocross bike

We spotted a hydraulic disc brake equipped placeholder image a while back, but it looks like Specialized isn’t waiting around for SRAM’s top level Red disc brakes to release an S-Works level Crux cyclocross frame.

The 2013 Specialized S-Works Crux will be available in both disc and cantilever frames, each optimized for the type of brakes they’ll run. On the disc brake, the stays are reinforced at the bottom, and on the canti model it’s reinforced around the brake bridge. The key difference in the frame versus the Pro is that it gets the higher end FACT 11R carbon versus 10R on the Pro.

UPDATE: Our man at Specialized just chimed in to say the S-Works version drops a whopping 150g. Also, it includes Ceramic Speed bearings in the bottom bracket.

Framesets will retail for $3,000 and include a 1-1/8″ to 1-3/8″ tapered fork, headset and FACT carbon seatpost. Click through for pics of the canti frames…

2013 Specialized S-Works Crux cantilever brake cyclocross bike

2013 Specialized S-Works Crux cantilever brake cyclocross bike

We’re waiting to hear back from them on frame weight and availability date, will update when we can.


  1. OK, I know they’re not used for racing but I wish these things would come with fender eyelets. I’ve got to believe many riders won’t be racing this but using it for enthusiast commuter bikes in rainy places (like Seattle where I live). The disc brakes make for a much fender-friendly setup and it’s hard to immagine eyelet’s getting much in the way.

  2. Come on $3,000 for non monocque frame. I think specialized thinks to highly of there outdated carbon. Old tube and but style frames for a insane price compared to many up to date frames out there for $2000 or less.

  3. Totally agree with Ben. Just throw in some fender eyelets. I live in Seattle area too and is one reason I went with the Trek Domane, but a cross bike would be better for riding in wet weather.

  4. @Pancakes

    yes the domane has threaded eyelets, which you can quite easily remove if necessary. when they are on the floor of the bike shop usually they just have the threaded plugs in there.

  5. @Ben:

    That’s part of the charm of the Kona Jake the Snake or Brodie Romax. Moots offers eyelets, though an add-on, on their CX frames. However, none of those are carbon.

    The carbon, disc brake CX frames are certainly more common this year. Maybe what you want will just take another year or two?

  6. Trek Domane has hole for fender eyelets like some Gary Fisher bikes do/did. I see how it strikes some as odd to have a carbon bike with fenders. Perhaps, but I don’t want two bikes one for fast group rides and no (or hard to mount) fenders and one for wet weather. People mount fenders to their fancy carbon bikes all the time here in Seattle. It just makes sense that an OEM builds mounts in. There are a lot of “clip on” like fenders people use to try to fill the gap. Nothing wrong with steel or aluminum, but they are more niche materials now.

  7. I for one am ordering a Crux Disc frame and am glad it does NOT have fender mounts. Frankly I am bummed it has water bottle bosses! Maybe it makes sense on entry level models (which are most likely to be employed double duty as commuters) and I agree with BILL–the tricross disc has all those mounts.

    ….and I am in Seattle (area).

    If I really want fenders I can have my friendly LBS get them on there just like they did my 20 year old custom steel cross bike–which ALSO doesn’t have fender mounts. Heck–got a rack on there too.

  8. Jerm, you’ll have to explain how Specialized’s “outdated carbon” frame construction is, uhm, not up to the required task. Please be specific and use your wealth of engineering and carbon fiber material property knowledge. I can’t wait.

  9. Wow, I feel like I’m posting on some political web site. What is the big deal with fender mounts? Sure, don’t put them on a race bike, that’s fine. In this line up, the frame with the disc brakes has no fender mounts and it happens to be the top of the line frame. But it could also be said that anyone who has a 20 year old custom bike (Jason) is probably so old they don’t need the top of the line carbon race bike. Sure, you might like it, like aero/light wheels, electronic shifting, whatever. Face it you are past your prime and wasting money on stuff you don’t need. You are racing for fun now, not to make the national team, and even if you were, you don’t need a top of the line carbon bike to do it.

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