Paul Componets Cassette Hub 135 Disc 2

Paul Components has been making high quality single speed hubs for a long while now.  This year they have finally added a line of cassette hubs dubbed the RHUB.  The product range will include a road 130 or 135 spaced hub, a MTB disc 135, and even a fat bike ready 170 disc hub.  All models will come in a variety of drilling options, and the standard Paul Components silver, black anodized, and high polished finishes will be there.  The big news however, is that they didn’t try to reinvent what already works.  Paul Components stuck to doing what they do best, and made the hub shells, and then implemented Industry Nine internals.  With 120 points of engagement, expect these to make a fair bit of noise.  These are slated to be ready for purchase at the end of the year at a cost of around $420.

Click through for a few more CNC’d goodies.

Paul Components 12 X 142 Single Speed Rear Disc Hub

A new addition to the WORD hubs was outted as well here at Interbike.  I was told this is an industry first, a 12 X 142 single speed rear Disc WORD hub.  I was also informed it’s great for slider dropouts.

Paul Components GoPro Mount

With the popularity of GoPro cameras, Paul Components decided to join in the mounting fun and release this top cap mount.  This places the camera in a great position to capture all of the extreme action you get yourself into.

Paul Components Revers Brake Lever

Also on display was their new reverse brake lever.

Paul Components Direct Mount Chain Keeper

And while the chain keeper has been around for a while now, they have a direct mount version now.

Paul Components Fat Bike 170 Cassette Hub
170 Rear Fat Bike RHUB
Paul Components Cassette Hub 130 Road
130 Rear Road RHUB







  1. The 12 x 142 SS hub is not an industry first. I developed a fixed SS rear hub for gear box bikes configurable for 10x135mm all to way to 12x150mm. Not that I actually sold them to anyone, but I needed it since I built my own GBOXX bike. I spent a while asking around at Interbike in 2008 to see if anyone was/would build one! It was fun personal project and the hubs are still running strong today.

  2. Industry first vs garage first. And either way it does still sound like the first to convert a 142×12 to SS via eccentric hub. And I like the sound of that: industry nine FH body attached to a tall flanged, classic aesthetic hubshell!

  3. I don’t understand Dave’s comment that it’s a pity nobody makes fime in a bare aluminum finish anymore. Bare aluminum rims are pretty easy to find, in brushed or polished, and made here in the US just like Paul.

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