Though they’re primarily recognized as a gravity-oriented company, Loaded Components are keen to let the world know that they’ve got a wide range of darn light (or X-Lite) offerings for cross country and trail use.  Those include a 9g seatpost clamp, a 23g quick release clamp, and a 99g 7075 aluminum stem with titanium hardware and a carbon face plate.  But what they’re most excited about at the moment is  the new X-Lite tubeless wheelset.  Full details and some handsome flat pedals after the break…

Tubeless via what Loaded call True Bead Technology, the 26in shot peened rims come in at just a shade over 400g apiece- and (in a move that warms my old-school heart) include eyeletted spoke holes.  Proprietary extra-strong alloy nipples thread onto standard bladed J-bend spokes for easy part replacement. The set comes with all of the current XC and trail axle adapters for a reasonable $799.

Aimed more at the Trail/All-mountain set are these AMX signature pedals.  Nicely CNC’d, they’re available with CrMo ($140/328g) or Ti ($270/254g) spindles.  Gold anodized traction pins are available for a bit of extra ‘pop!’


  1. I wonder what ChainReactionCycles are going to say about them using one of their brand names – ‘X-Lite’….

    UK brand from days gone by – owned by CRC for 4 years.

  2. Hey Guys,

    It was great to see Bike Rumor feature our tradeshow booth this year. My name is Anthony Thomas, the Brand Manager for Loaded Precision, INC.

    It seems there is a little confusion among the users here…

    I am happy to clear up any questions about our products, one thing I love about my position is being able to educate riders on the differentiating factors that set Loaded Precision, INC. a apart from the rest of our competition.

    Superstar makes great parts, and yes they are mainly catalog items. They are able to provide an excellent price to their customers, because they do not choose to distribute.

    If you visit, I believe you will find many opportunities to Learn about our company.

    We strive to produce the best parts on the market, our designs are our own, and we stand behind each and every product we make.

    The X-Lite brand within Loaded is a registered Trademark to our company, and the new X-Lite line of wheels not only feature many rim width options, but are also available in 26″, 27.5″, and 29″ diameters. These rims also feature our own unique extrusion, with our patented material and treatment processes utilized in manufacturing.

    My personal e-mail is . I am always happy to help our consumers, I feel that there is a lot of dissension in Bike Industry, and consumers really need to understand that not only us, but many companies are striving to perform the best we can for our Riders.

    Please learn about my company, and then provide your opinion and feedback.

    Thank you for letting me be included on this discussion.

    Anthony Thomas

  3. i like there wheels. well built ( i ride DH ) and both kinds of wheels ( XC AND AMX) look pretty good expecially for the price. i also have their other products and im completely satisfied with them. compared to my old favorite brands ( azonic ) they are lighter, much more artsy and fine crafted, and just as durable. i have also talked with anthony a few times from LOADED USA and he is a fine gentleman, just waiting to help people out. my personal expierence with the company has been nothing short of amazing.

  4. I’ve got two pairs of the Loaded AMX flat pedals and they stick to your foot like glue! Super lightweight – rad colors and a sweet shape that fits my foot perfectly.

    In fact, I tossed a pair of the AMX pedals on my XC bike yesterday for a little shuttle action yesterday and couldn’t believe their purchase on the climbs and control through loose rocks and berms.

    American-made … and always making the boys jealous in my local shop. Can’t beat that! Unless maybe I had some of those gold-anodized pins. yum!

  5. definetly hands down the coolest nicest people work at loaded always great advice an tips an allways the best unbeliveable parts an service i run all there amx lineup parts on my dh bike an enduro keep up the great work an friendly staff love yall

  6. My name is Johnnie… .I work at a bike shop on the East Coast which happens to be an authorized dealer for Loaded products.

    I do not mean to get involved with this discussion for any other reason than to provide my opinion on working with them as a vendor.

    Loaded not only manufactures a catalog full of nice products, their customer service and sales staff is top notch. In ten years of business, my shop has yet to see a Vendor provide the level of professionalism the Loaded boys do.

    That’s my $0.02.


  7. I’m using the amx bars, love them come from renthal’s

    The xlite 26″ I’m interested in using for DH, I’m light and a light rider. Interested to see how they hold a 2.5 tyre

  8. I ran an AMx rim on the rear for Whistler this year, rode it for 29 days in 5 weeks and came back very happy, no dings, no flats and it still runs true. So far I am super stoked with the product

  9. We are in Australia and my 2 boys and I have been running some Loaded gear for a while now for downhill.
    AmXC Grips,
    AmX bars,
    AmX direct mount stems,
    AmX Signature CroMo pedals,
    Signature front hubs & 150 rear hubs,
    AmX rims with Loaded spokes.
    All very nicely made from a cosmetic and performance perspective. Have had no problems at all and both of my boys ride hard on any sort of track. Have had issues in the past with rims not holding up, but these have proven to be very tough, no dings/buckles as yet. The spokes also hold tension really well which is something I like.
    Only improvements I would like to see is the grips offered in a slightly thicker diameter and purely for looks, the 150 hubs offered in the same colors as the other hubs.

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