Montague full size folding bicycles now offering framesets

Let’s say you want some unholy combination of things like full size wheels, a folding bike and fixed gears. Well, now you can do just that.

For 25 years, Montague has sold folding bikes with full 700c road wheels, but only as complete bikes. For 2013, they’ll offer framesets, letting you build it up just the way you want. Their key selling point, besides full size wheels (did we mention they use full size wheels?) is that you can put just about any standard component and drivetrain part on it because -you guessed it- they use full size wheels.

That, and the fold doesn’t affect the drivetrain and only requires that you add in a bit of extra cable housing to accommodate the bend.

They’ll be available Spring 2013. Prices will range from $499 to $699 depending on frame. Most will come with forks, just not the mountain bikes. All frames are custom drawn aluminum alloy. Complete bikes generally come in around 30lbs (claimed), which means you could build something up reasonably light using all those killer parts cluttering up your garage. They say one of the heavier models (like the Paratrooper) is about 10lbs for the frame.

Montague full size folding bicycles now offering framesets

Montague full size folding bicycles now offering framesets

Build it how you need it – this one is a Montague employee’s personal commuter.


  1. He is mad because someone took his brakes. These brake less cyclist are pissing me off. Kids are doing it in my home town and they have ran into several cars including mine.

  2. I am a bike mechanic and have worked on several Montague bikes of the offroad variety and let me just say that the thought of the people making those piles of junk making a fixed gear bike is both horrifying and disappointing. No way they get out of this without a FAT stack of injury lawsuits.

  3. It’s probably just a PR shot or something. Montague’s been making a fixed gear/single speed complete bike for a few years now it looks like, just seems like the frames thing is a way to not have to strip down a bike if you wanted to do a build.

  4. I thought fixed gear bikes were already as minimal as they get? To be honest, from the standpoint of a former track racer, the last thing I would ever want on a bike with no gears, no brakes and no freewheel is a joint in the middle of the frame.

  5. Its not April 1st is it?
    Bike rumer have hidden camera’s in their website to record the absurd facial expresions?

    Has Blue Meth made its way to Cambridge Mass?

    Denim Shorts


  6. Ug… Another hipster? Welcome to 100 year old technology. I’m tired of this crap. Go bring your courderoy’s and backwords velo hat to a freakin’ Alanis Morrisette concert. Maybe someone there will acknowledge your difference. Look at me, I’m not the same as everyone else… Until all the urban nerds decided this was cool. Ride a real bike.

  7. I have a Montague – Boston model (and 8 other bikes) and it’s actually comparable to my Felt Gridloc fixie. Stiff frame, decent fork trail. Upgraded some of the crappy components, so I see why they are offering frames only. The Montague was one of the few bikes I have bought new. Have to say, the folding allows me more access to riding. Fits in the trunk too.

  8. So I looked at this, had to blink a few times and then had to look again.

    Going beyond appearances here I think this company is actually trying to do something pretty original. I’ve seen the small wheeled folding bikes and thought they looked ridiculous. But something I can carry around in the car or that they’d even let me take on the train! And something I would actually want to ride at that, especially if I could built it up myself rather than whatever comes stock.

    I did some looking and apparently these things are used by the military too, so now I’m so worried about the folding part, even if I did wonder before. So I’m going to keep watching and see if this outside the box direction goes where they’re trying to take it.

    Maybe I’ll even buy one if what Chris says is true.

  9. I think on the 2nd photo he was smiling (without showing his fangs) – at his best.
    Either way cool bike. I would like it clear finish + Tiagra. Thank you,

  10. I’m a mechanic at a big shop (Mountain View Calif area) and got a Montague frame a few years ago when they first came out to add to my many bikes. Did a nice build up and I have to say it rocks. Don’t know where the 10 pounds came from in the article, but my Montague frame weighs in at 5 pounds 4 ounces. That’s not much more than even a few of my older fixies.

    The ride is good. Can’t feel any movement or flex. Very rigid. And I chuck it in the trunk of my car so I always have a bike. I agree small wheel folding bikes are weak in the ride department, but don’t group Montague with them. Steer clear of some of their entry level bikes – crappy components. Build it up yourself and it rocks.

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