After building a solid business on the concept of tailored drink mixes, Infinit Nutrition have recognized many riders’ desire for a simpler, off-the-shelf solution and recently introduced a range of pre-formulated drink mixes.  Like Tyler, I came away from Interbike with a handful of samples and have been impressed.

Less phlegm-generating than many drink mixes, Infinit’s Go Far (endurance) and Jet Fuel (caffeinated) drinks are light without being flavorless.  The Jet Fuel helped me through a five hour ride on five hours’ sleep- without letting me crash or become cranky during its 2+ hours of hike-a-bike.  The following 50mi trail ride was supported by the Go Far mix’s extra protein, which didn’t cause any stomach issues even when paired with a day-old Subway veggie patty sandwich (with hot peppers).  The Repair recovery drink isn’t exactly tasty- but few recovery drinks are.  Good stuff and we’re looking forward to seeing (and tasting) more from the company.


  1. I’ve been using Infinit for Ironman triathlon’s, Adventure Races etc. for years now. The most valuable thing I find is it’s tasty even when warm, it works, it’s simple and I can customize it to my needs and liking.

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