After building a solid business on the concept of tailored drink mixes, Infinit Nutrition have recognized many riders’ desire for a simpler, off-the-shelf solution and recently introduced a range of pre-formulated drink mixes.  Like Tyler, I came away from Interbike with a handful of samples and have been impressed.

Less phlegm-generating than many drink mixes, Infinit’s Go Far (endurance) and Jet Fuel (caffeinated) drinks are light without being flavorless.  The Jet Fuel helped me through a five hour ride on five hours’ sleep- without letting me crash or become cranky during its 2+ hours of hike-a-bike.  The following 50mi trail ride was supported by the Go Far mix’s extra protein, which didn’t cause any stomach issues even when paired with a day-old Subway veggie patty sandwich (with hot peppers).  The Repair recovery drink isn’t exactly tasty- but few recovery drinks are.  Good stuff and we’re looking forward to seeing (and tasting) more from the company.

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  1. Joshua W. on

    I’ve been using Infinit for Ironman triathlon’s, Adventure Races etc. for years now. The most valuable thing I find is it’s tasty even when warm, it works, it’s simple and I can customize it to my needs and liking.


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