File under coolest bike light ever.

The Revolights use 24 LED lights per wheel, 12 on each side, with the front or rear facing bulbs turned on to create the illusion of partially light wheels. The system’s comprised of circular mounts for 700c and 27″ rims and a hub mounted battery pack with frame mounted magnets. Using an accelerometer and the magnet, it senses where the wheel is in its rotation and lights the front or rear eight (four on each side) LEDs.

In addition to looking killer from the side, they actually provide 360º illumination. The bulbs are set slightly back from the inside rim and project light both sideways and to the front (or rear) of the wheel, letting you use them to see where you’re going and letting people see you from behind and the side.

Pics and more below…


Revolights are designed to withstand the elements and reasonably cold temps, but they do warn against excessive exposure to road salt and other de-icing chemicals. With eight bulbs turned on, they pump out 35 lumens per LED for a total output per wheel of 280 lumens, pretty decent for getting around town.


Retail is $250. System weight is 12.3oz (348g). Battery packs are USB rechargeable and good for four hours of light per charge.

Curious how they’re mounted? Check out their install video:


  1. Neat, but this will spawn further arguments over whether side lighting is effective. An automobile traveling at speed isn’t going to be able to stop by the time they’re within the field of view of these side lights. I’d like to see some distance shots from the front and rear to see if these are any improvement over dedicated bar and seat post mounted lights.

  2. ummm… it looks really cool, but the first thing i think while watching the install video is how hard is it gonna be to true your wheels once it is installed??? if the answer is full disassemble, then a big thumbs down on practical design

  3. Editz- I’ll wager that you also believe every single bicycle should have fender tabs too, right? Re-read the article, it mentions that the device provides 360 deg. illumination. Heck, even the promo pic shows the light providing illumination in front of and behind the bicycle. I just checked their site and its marketing material does provide front and rear distance shots, just for you!

    Anybody I know that commutes via bicycle regularly is always on the lookout for more and different ways of making themselves more visible at night. This is just another option.

    Way to point out non-flaws in new, innovative thinking. Keep up the good work, smart guy.

  4. The visibility is still questionable — it’s a very common complaint from drivers that lights are generally mounted too low. Being under the seat cuts off the visibility at higher angles, like in SUVs and sport utilities. That’s why helmets should have a rear flasher.

    I’d also prefer that the braking indication is like you find with cars, where it gets brighter rather than pulse.

  5. The real benefit to side lighting like this is when going through intersection. It’ll make the cyclist much more visible to drivers on the cross streets.

  6. I think it’s a highly innovative approach but I do wonder if the mounting could have been made a bit easier. The video was great, and I get it, AND as a bike mechanic, should we ever sell any of these, I see us doing a few for the occasional customer. Nothing wrong with that, come up with a fair price and DO it. But it does seem like an awful large number of small parts, doesn’t it?

  7. I think this design is a perfect example of thinking outside the square.

    In regards to the issue of the effectiveness of lighting from the side, the reason so many cyclist get hit is due to there small area of visiblity. Barend and also flashers in the end pedals also would allow a greater range of visibility for motorists.

    Cost and fitup are the only negatives here I feel, but no doubt cost will go down once R and D cost are amortised across sales of the initial products

  8. saw someone riding with this in santa Monica the other day. don’t know if it makes seeing the road any easier but i could see the bike and could tell it was a bike from far away. very cool idea for night time commuters

  9. Really excited to get a set of these but a little disappointed in the apparent over-complexity of the mounting. I’m sure once you’ve done one, it’s not so bad but it does seem to be a good bit of work to get done. I haven’t seen this on the road yet, but I imagine it enhances your visibility a good deal. I would continue to also ride with other lights but I definitely want this on my bike someday. Currently, I have a Serface 60 lumen tail light that I direct slightly at the ground and it illuminates the rear of my bike and a patch of road behind my bike. I’ve been told I’m stupid visible. Which is exactly what I’m going for. As for the weight, it’s not my race bike, I just don’t wanna get smooshed on my way home from work.

  10. I’ll take the mk II design, which simply velcros around the hub with a fork mounted magnet for the integral accelerometers, thankyouverymuch.

  11. Judging by Jasons comment above seems like visibility is definitely high with these. The video sells me pretty well–they look great. I wonder if it is almost a little too much. But as far as safety and visibility, especially with nights getting longer, it’s good to be seen from all angles.

  12. It is cool, and it’s not in any way a bad direction they tried to take. The installation is what turns me off though. It’s functional and secure but such a fiddly process. Like said above: what if you have to true the wheel or something?

    I actually can imagine a less complex design. Maybe Revolights attempted it and and it didn’t work out, but opting for what they ended up with doesn’t seem convincing to me.

  13. These are mo’betta:

    I have a set and they’re awesome (and easily removable).

    @Brian – From this and previous posts you seem to have a pathological dislike fender and rack mounts. I’ll keep saying this until you get it: Having fender/rack mounts costs you nothing if you don’t use them, it’s a rather big deal if you need them and don’t have them.

  14. Brian – I don’t think I was disputing whether the product provided 360 degree illumination, but the quality of it. I do see the photos on their website, but I’d like to see independently shot images and not just what the manufacturer deems best.

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