thermacell heated insoles with rechargeable li-ion batteries and remote control operation

I wished I would’ve had these the other night for our late, late ride. Starting at 9:30pm near the lakefront trailhead in the winter isn’t the coziest way to get going, and halfway through the ride my feet were pretty chilled. Some friends have stuffed chemical heat packs over the top of their feet, but ThermaCell’s heated insoles with rechargeable Li-Ion batteries, remote control operation and two heat levels seems like a much better idea to me.

They’re good for up to five hours of continuous use per charge, and the built-in batteries are good for 500 full charge cycles. In other words, even if you use them every day in the winter, you’ll still get a few years out of them. They claim they’ll heat to 100º on medium and 110º on high, turning themselves on and off automatically to maintain that temperature. They’re water resistant and can be trimmed to fit. They’re available in five sizes to fit US shoe sizes 4 to 13. Retail is $129, but you can find ’em online for less.


  1. video on the website shows the battery just in front of the heel, with the heating unit under the forefoot.

    Sounds really good but I use superfeet or custom insoles in most of my shoes and those look pretty flat. Warm yet sore feet? or Cold enough that I can’t tell if they’re sore or not?

  2. I don’t think most people have enough room in their cycling shoes to fit these in. Especially in the winter you’d want to have some space left in your shoes to keep your feet warm.

    A system with the battery around your ankle would be preferable for cycling.

  3. I’m pretty happy using hot hands chemical heater insoles. They last 4+ hours and are super cheap, especially if you buy a bulk package online. They are cost effective and you don’t have to worry about long-term reliability issues.

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