Sent in by Daniel from Art’s Cyclery in San Luis Obispo, CA.  “I thought you might be interested in a video we did here at the shop last week where we destroyed a BMC Time Machine frameset in a trash compactor. No need to shed a tear for this frame, as it was already mortally wounded before it was given the Star Wars treatment.”


  1. I recognize that bike! That was my girlfriend’s time machine that was replaced under warranty. The seat binder bolt had punched through the bottom of the top tube from a too long screw.

  2. i was worried about the durability of BMC bikes before plonk down the cash for a granfondo GF2 disc. Im not worried now. I know that its a aluminum frame that i’m looking at but still good to know

  3. Amazing how many people who work in bike shops don’t seem to realize that carbon frames can in fact be repaired. I’d wager good money Craig Calfee could have repaired it.

  4. This is why I ride a custom Waterford steel touring bike and not one of these “plastic” bikes of today. I’ve been parking mine in a garbage compactor for years without a problem. Steel is REAL!!!!!!

  5. @Chris – When a frame is warrantied, It gets DESTROYED!!! This is not the decision of the bike shop, they are destroyed because the only way BMC will provide a replacement is if the old frame is either returned for analysis or made unrideable by the bike shop. If you were the customer who owned the frame which would you prefer? Spending $300-700 to get your frame fixed from Calfee or getting a BRAND NEW ONE FOR FREE?!?

  6. If it can be repaired then it should be repaired. The small amount of energy to do so would be far less than the energy required to make a new frame. This throw away mentality is so ‘human’. We waste all the bound energy we put into making things far too often.

  7. @nonmikeb
    This is a racers bike, with all the time and money it would take to get the frame stripped to send out for shipping, repair time, processing, cost of the labor and parts, and time to rebuild the frames you would are looking at a good part of someones racing season and their budget to do so. A warranty frames is a much smarter option for BMC from a business stand point, the customer gets their problem fixed faster with a totally new frame for little to no cost to the customer. Then after all of this the friend says that their frame broke and they got a new frame quickly, not that they spent lots of money and waited many weeks for the frame to be repaired.

    Besides think of the people that buy these kind of bikes, triathletes. They are going to be the least understanding about all of this.

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