2013 Moxie Jakarta womens tank top cycling jersey

With more than 2,000 unit sales in the last year, Moxie Cycling is expanding their product line!  As promised in my review of their jerseys, we were able to get a sneak peek at their Spring 2013 collection highlights.

The original T-back style featured five prints. For 2013, it gets four new designs.  In addition, Moxie is also offering two completely new styles, a sweetheart style with three different designs, as well as a very unique ruched style, offered in four designs. The ruched style is shown above in a design called Jakarta.

The two new jersey styles have similar features as the original T-back style, including the ergonomic seams and tagless design, performance fabrics, interior built-in support bra, and 3-pocket design rear…

2013 Moxie Retropolitan womens tank top cycling jersey

The above jersey is the new sweetheart style in a design called Retropolitan.

2013 Moxie Vixen womens tank top cycling jersey

This one’s the Vixen. The new line of jerseys will be available in January and retail between $58-$65.

Moxie is the official commemorative jersey sponsor of the inaugural Life Time Fitness Esprit de She womens-only athletic event series.  All triathlon, duathlon or cycle tour event participants receive an exclusive Moxie jersey.

Check the Moxie website for more styles and to find the nearest local shop or order on-line.


  1. Very cute … for going out on the town. I love the shape, colors and the pockets and would consider trail running in one or wearing it to run errands in the summer on the bike if I don’t want to sweat through a cotton T, but I would never do a road or MTB ride in something like this.

    All I can think about are the rash and rubbing awaiting me if I were to wear my hydration pack and the sunburn I would get without a pack, no matter the amount of sunscreen. They also don’t look remarkably long, which is a complaint I have about most women’s jerseys. My long torso would like to stay covered, too, please!

    But if you want to get one for your Mrs. for casual, short rides or cute cruiser outings, go for it. I actually have a friend who’d appreciate this greatly.

  2. Howdy Bogwolf, I’ve got your question in to the folks at Moxie Cycling, and will let you know when I find something out! Thanks for reading!

  3. Bogwolf. Jump at the opportunity and see if you can represent them. 🙂 I’m a South African living in Saudi Arabia and we have a lady over here who sells the Moxie shirts as well as the Sweetspot skirts that go with the tops. Great quality and my wife loves hers.

  4. Hi KF,
    The jerseys are actually longer than the pictures may make them appear. I am 5’9″ with what would probably be considered a “normal” torso length, and the jersey covered me very well, length-wise. The jersey hung down below my waist w/o riding up which was great. (I am also a real hater of short shirts…nobody needs to see my belly!). If you click over the link in this article, to my original article, you’ll see some pictures on how the shirt actually hangs on a “real person”.

    I was comfortable wearing my hydration pack over the jersey w/o any chafing, but that may be specific to each person, what kind of pack they wear, how much they sweat, etc.

    I mountain biked in the jersey in the afternoon, in late summer, and didn’t have any issues w/sunburn, but for a longer ride earlier in the day I would definitely have needed sunscreen, but for me, I always do, no matter what jersey I’m wearing, as I’m ubber pale, so, for me not an issue, but I could see how it could be for those who don’t want to have to apply lotion throughout a long ride. Thanks for reading!

  5. I expect to see this do very well and every big name to have a copycat version by the end of next year.

    Really well thought out without being flashy and not too expensive. A bit unusual for the cycling community to hear all those words in the same sentence.

  6. Bogwolf,

    I appreciate your inquiry about orders to the UK. If you’d email us at orders (at) moxiecycling.com, we’ll give you an estimate. Right now our flat rates are only for the US and Canada, but if you lets us know the address you’d be ordering to, we could give you an estimate! Thanks for being patient- we appreciate it!

    -Denton from Moxie Cycling Co.

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