Not too long ago, the animated Team Rumours tweeted their latest clue which depicted a “Garden of Eden” which depicted a snake that looked an awful lot like the Specialized S, hissing dollar signs towards a stick figure in the trees with a halo over his head. A few folks instantly thought that meant Specialized was trying to tempt Aaron Gwin with a lot of money to break his recently signed contract from Trek. But how serious could it be?

Well, take a look at the video and see for yourself. That is the man himself wearing a T shirt with the big red S (well, white in this case). More when we have it.

Update: It’s official, full press release after the break!

From Specialized:

Specialized is pleased to announce the signing of Aaron Gwin to the 2013 Specialized DH program. Aaron will be supported with frames and tires. He will be joining teammates Troy Brosnan and Mitch Ropelato.

“I’m super excited to start this new chapter in my career with Specialized bicycles. The entire Specialized staff has welcomed me with open arms and I’m blown away by the level of support they’ve shown me. This is my dream program and I can’t thank them enough for this opportunity. Bring on 2013!” -Aaron Gwin

“The combination of Aaron Gwin and the Specialized brand have an American storyline written all over it that was always meant to be. Aaron will not only bring another element to the program, but it’ll be amazing watching this trio ripping down the tracks together. We can’t wait to get started with this new exciting opportunity and look forward to the season ahead.” -Sean Heimdal, Team Manager

“I’m stoked to have a new teammate this year, it will be a fresh start and I will be able to learn a lot of things from Aaron. The season starts late this year and will give everyone time to get to know each other and do testing on the Bike. I cannot wait to work together and smash out runs!” -Troy Brosnan

“We are really excited to have Aaron on board. He has a lot of interest in product development, advocacy, junior development, and so do we. We are looking forward to a very successful future together.” -Geoff Rogers, Specialized Sports Marketing


  1. Really? Trek closed down their XC team to focus completely on gravity after signing Gwin to a 3 year contract in August. Letting Gwin go, regardless of the excessive amount of money Specialized dumped on the table, pretty much killed their World Cup DH team.

  2. This is the same guy who posted on his Facebook wall that the Newtown massacre was caused by not enough faith in god, according to Romans 3: 9-20.
    And that god killed those children to “save” them from this world?
    And who can’t wait to “begin his real life” with his creator?

    That guy?

  3. Well I guess all sports can be corrupted by money. I believed in Gwin the athlete, but now its out. He is no better then any other pro athlete… Next he will have a willing dance. In all seriousness, I am not hating on him, just his lack of loyalty. Signing a contract is your word, and he has shown that he can be bought.

  4. Specialized offers better drugs. Sinyard would rather lose $$ than see a Trek rider keep winning, what a silly man. Still a long long long way behind Trek in any type of meaningful way.

  5. “The combination of Aaron Gwin and the Specialized brand have an American storyline written all over it” bikes are still made in Taiwan.

  6. I just checked the calendar. Nope. Not April 1.
    I thought that Gwin was a fresh taste of a true good hearted person. I thought he would be loyal to the team that has supported him so much and has helped bring him so much success. Thank you Gwin for being just like most other pro athletes out there. Cyclists shouldn’t treat each other like this and I think it’s morally wrong.

  7. uhmm hey Bill and wako29— Yeti had Gwin long before Trek, they gave him his chance in the big leagues. Trek stole (read: $$$$) him away. This isn’t anything new. Although one has to wonder what T-rek was thinking.

  8. Yeah, this guy is pure evil. He should ride for minimum wage just because he loves the sport and not worry about his future. Especially since he’ll be able to compete in DH for what, another 50-60 years? What a traitor.

  9. I think a few of you guys/gals need to get some perspective. Sponsorship is not about loyalty, its about earning money, and i don’t understand why you think thats bad? Its a job. Thats why its called PROFESSIONAL.

    I can’t imagine any of you having your standpoint with your own careers. If someone offers you a better deal, (And this would probably a combination of factors, same as in any job – Money, team/employer, opportunities, team-mates etc) you’d take it in a heartbeat. Your employer and the race teams know that too. Its not a bloody romantic relationship.

  10. @Clinton

    Trek signed Gwin once his contract with Yeti expired. Gwin was still under contract with Trek this time around.

    Hence, why legal action has been threatened.

  11. Spot on Jay. I was thinking the same thing. At this point I don’t think he owes Trek anything. It’s like Tom Hagen said “It’s not personal, Sonny. It’s strictly business.”

  12. From what I understand, Gwin never signed a contract, but a letter of intent to race for Trek for 3 more seasons. While the language of the letter may be such to wear Trek could win a legal battle against Gwin, they will not be able to win nearly as much as they would if he had breached a contract. It all depends on how the letter of intent was written, and all the details of how and why Gwin left.

  13. @shipwrecked

    Do you have a link on your claim? I’ve searched his facebook, and found nothing. I guess he has since deleted it. If it is true.

  14. Gwin signed a letter of intent with the company Trek World Racing. Trek World Racing is a different company than Trek the bike brand. Trek World Racing is owned and operated by 23 Degrees Sports Management.

    From their website: “The team is owned and operated by 23 Degrees Sports Management, based in southern Spain, and has as title sponsor, Trek Bicycle. With 7 athletes in 2011, and 8 staff, it is one of the largest on the pro circuit.”

    It’s business, and nothing in business is complete without a signed contract.

    I reacted negatively at first as well, but 23 Degrees let this slip out of their hands.


  15. AG is stiil da Man. Specialized, Trek who gives a f**k?
    It’s all Taiwanese crap anyway. He should race a Turner for Snickers and pride to remain pure.

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