As a 2x U23 National CX Champion and a pro road racer on team United Health Care, Danny Summerhill has had an interesting career. At one point he seemed to almost give up cross completely, only to come back racing stronger than ever. In the current rift between disc brake and cantilevers, Danny seems to take the middle road and has one of each. We took a minute to get a look at Danny’s Ibis Hakkalügi disc while at CX Worlds.

Check out the bike after the break.

Danny actually had two Hakkalügis on hand, with one set up as a disc brake bike, and one with cantis. While the two bikes are different because of the brakes that are employed, they are also quite different in their set up. Danny’s disc bike is set up as a 1×10 with a Sram red drive train. The left shifter is still there and presumably functioning-just not attached to anything. Up front is an Enve disc fork holding some ROL carbon tubies in place.

Like most CX riders on SRAM Red, Danny runs his hoods up high on a Ergosum Team bar with the 3T logo blacked out. Note the inline barrel adjuster for the front brake for presumably fast adjustments on the fly.

For brakes Danny is running standard Avid BB7s with the Avid HSX Rotors (160 ft, 140rr). If you look closely at the hubs, each spoke head is fitted with a spoke head washer.

Danny sits on a custom Fizik Antares saddle clamped to a Fizik Cyrano seatpost.

Clement PDX tubular mud tires were the choice of the day for Summerhill.

To keep the chain in place (no XX1 CX rings here) Danny uses an MRP clamp on 1X guide on a standard SRAM Red crankset. A pair of Crank Brothers Candy 11 pedals keep Danny’s feet on the pedals.









  1. Joe P on

    Nice catch on the washers and spokes- if thats what they are I have never seen that except in the event they wanted to put some massive torque/tension and not blow through the hub flange. Maybe? Couldn’t say for sure.

    • Zach Overholt on

      @Joe P, they’re supposed to improve the interface between the spoke head and the hub flange since the brass deforms, decreasing spoke head movement, and improving the life of the spoke.

  2. bc on

    I’m guessing that Garmin (3T sponsored) is no longer sponsoring Summerhill for CX, which means he is paid to ride whatever United Healthcare rides (not 3T).

    As for spoke washers, it’s a common practice. As I recall, boxes of DT spokes used to actually come with washers, in order to correct the bedding between the spoke head and the hub flange, and I imagine that there’s some evidence that it helps balance the load, as that’s what washers generally do.

  3. Slow Joe Crow on

    I love the name too, but I miss the classic Ibis “hand job” rear brake cable stop from the canti version. Any idea what size cassette/chainring he was running and why they didn’t use the plain SRAM brake lever on the left? The old Salsa Chili Con Crosso build kits ran a single front ring with a Paul box guide and SRAM 500 brake lever on the left.


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