Hammerhead Bikes Thumper 29er trail mountain bike
The bike formerly known as Thumper, wearing its original graphics...

Reviewed here last December, Hammerhead’s Thumper trail bike bike is a capable ride at a great price- but its graphics weren’t well received and riders heard in the name too little twofour-stroke moto and too much Bambi’s BFF.   Rather than digging in, the folks at Hammerhead have recognized the market’s desire for more understated graphics and are now offering purchasers a free paint upgrade to one of ten Spectrum Powder Works paint and decal combinations.  And the Bambi thing?  They’ve gone back to the bike’s working name: the 120X.

We love it when a company is able to see the need for a change- and even more so when they’re agile enough to make it happen.  Hit the jump to see all six powdercoated colors (we’d love to see photos of the blue once painted) and two graphics options and to read the full release!

Hammerhead’s New Graphics Released

Offering Free Spectrum Powder Works Paint Job w/ New Graphics

Tulsa, OK – In a surprising move just weeks after their announcement of a graphics change to the first Hammerhead model in almost a decade, Hammerhead Bicycles is now offering consumers the option of six different custom colors with the new graphics, being painted by Spectrum Powder Works in Colorado Springs.  “We saw this as an opportunity to really let people know we are dedicated to our brand and our customers.  Rather than have a production run of bikes out there in the market place that people were buying because of a price point, but were not stoked about the graphics, we’ve decided that we’d rather take the hit to our bottom line and have people completely and totally stoked on the bike” says Hammerhead’s owner Scott Robertson.  The new graphics are much more understated and the model name has changed from ‘Thumper’ to ‘120X’.  “We loved the name Thumper because of it’s tie in with the brand’s roots in Austin, TX and the Thumper Trail where this bike shines, but people weren’t getting to that connection unless they were from Austin, and the only other association with the name was the little rabbit in Bambi.  So we went back to the original nomenclature from the first Hammerhead bikes, and we’re calling this one 120X to designate it’s 120mm of travel and all mountain prowess” Robertson explains.  The production bikes will offer the new updated graphics and will be available in two colors, white and anodized black.  For the same price, and while supplies last, you can have the same bike with your choice of 6 different powder coated colors.  See hammerheadbicycles.com for information on the 120X and how to get in on this limited time offer.


  1. PDXKid,

    Do you have anything specific you’d like to add? More detail would make your comment more valuable to everyone reading. To paraphrase Bringatrailer.com’s commenting rules:

    It’s easy to say something is ugly or stupid, and sometimes it’s even warranted. It’s harder, and more valuable, to say how you might improve it. Anyone can say a bike sucks— real value is added when you can specify what is wrong and how it might be fixed.

    Other readers care a lot more about your opinion if it’s born out of relevant experience. If you know the history of a particular bicycle, or a lot about the category of bike, you’re much more likely to be interesting. Try to speak from your areas of expertise, and let people know what kind of time you have logged with these bikes.



  2. FWIW, it’s 4 stroke dirtbikes that are referred to as “thumpers”. 2 strokes sound like a rusty 55 gallon drum with a chainsaw inside. No thumping.

  3. Walt,

    Thanks! Now you know why I made the Bambi association first- not a moto guy 🙂

    Saw one of your bikes on top of a Forester sitting in traffic here in ABQ just yesterday…


  4. Maybe what @Mindless(who felt the need to comment on the original Thumper review) and @PDXKid are bored with, is not the bike, but rather the fact that there is a blog about a color change. Almost every bike company changes the colorway of almost every bike in their line-up yearly, with the occasional name change as well. This is not a limited edition colorway, it is the option of black and white – or 6 other colors- along with a generic sounding name. While the review of the actual bike makes sense, and was well received, a review of a color change seems a bit trivial.

  5. Thinking about my HH 100x. One of the best handling bikes I’ve ever raced and ridden. Looking forward to throwing a leg over this thing. Also, digging the new name.

  6. Wonder if I can get a local T-town discount! Surprised I haven’t seen any out on Tulsa’s Turkey Mountain…but then I’m usually focused on not killing myself on those trails.

  7. stratosrally- agreed on both counts. Thumpers are single cylinder motorcycles. Most dirt bikes, but some streetbikes such as the Suzuki Savage included.

    Also, the name bothered people that much? It’s not like it was called the “weenie mobile” or something. I guess I’m not buying the bike, but I’d like to think that wouldn’t keep me from it.

  8. Thanks for all the feedback guys….we take it very seriously.

    Couple comments/answers to questions above.
    Thumper – 4 Stroke Moto is exactly where the name inspiration initially came from,
    This bike actually http://www.yamaha-motor.com/sport/products/modelhome/210/home.aspx
    I wanted to introduce a 29er version of what a WR is intended for on the moto side. We nailed it as far as how the bike rides. Screwed up on the name/graphics.

    Then the local Austin trail named Thumper….seemed like a perfect match.

    I underestimated people not seeing those associations and only thinking “Bambi’s BFF”. 🙂
    Lesson learned and I am sure internally we will look back on this and have a good laugh.

    @EricW – totally agree with you on the 100x. Again, exactly what we were going for with the 120x…updated for the 29er Revolution.

    @Ryan – They have been flying around Turkey a lot, mostly on the Westside where the trails get really nasty 🙂 Hit me up at scott@hammerheadbikes.com and we can discuss your other question 🙂

    Thanks again everyone, Scott

  9. Will do Scott, thanks! You should think about having a demo day or come ride the 4 loops of singletrack out at Lake McMurtry in Stillwater.

  10. I like actual names for bikes, cars, or motorcycles instead of alphanumeric randomness. Thumper was a much better name than “120X’ in my opinion. But I guess it’s a problem if some people don’t like the name. Suzuki restyled the SV650 (making it uglier) and renamed it Gladius. I would have a hard time buying it just because of the name. It’s kind of hard to be cool when someone asks what motorcycle you ride and you have to say, “It’s a Suzuki…cough…um…Gladius”. That seems even worse than being associated with a cartoon rabbit, but that’s probably just me. (Of course, being a motorcycle guy Thumper means single cylinder motorcycle and it would never have occurred to me to think of Bambi’s little bunny rabbit pal).

  11. Gee, sorry. It was a jerky comment. I was, at the very least, hoping for some actual pictures of bikes with said paint and graphics changes.

  12. Funny how the 2 motorcycles mentioned in this thread are both ones I’ve owned or still own… The Suzuki Savage 650 single (thumper) and the lovely Suzuki SV650 – 1st generation. Its replacement – actually the 3rd generation (the Gladius) – is both ugly and saddled with an unfortunate moniker.
    I loved the this bikes Thumper name and the retro military-stencil style graphics. The 120X is still nice – I don’t care that much about names and the simple graphics are still fine. I tend to name my bikes anyway!

    But I ride rigid right now… perhaps someday!

  13. Great job letting your sponsors write “news” for you Bikerumor, I know where to bring my pennies when I need my bike industry press release copy-pasted and touted as something special.

    Hammerhead is shady, don’t buy stuff from them.

  14. I am in the Tulsa area and have a Thumper frame and would like to know where I can get a set of frame sticker for it. The new ones would be awesome! I will be tearing down for powdercoat and cant find the old frame stickers or the new ones anywhere. Scott @hammerhead bicycles can you help me locate some? I also sent you an email.

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