Moots is now offering their first 650B/27.5 mountain bike with their YBB soft tail platform. Oh, and it’s spec’d with the only set of Mavic 650B wheels in the states!

Moots’ resident racer and marketing guy Jon Cariveau (2nd at Kentucky in Masters CX!) said they’re initially going to build soft tails and hardtails with the middle wheel size, possibly looking at a trail bike in the future. Right now, they see it as being an option for race bikes for riders having for issues on 29ers.

They’re available now as a custom only frames starting at $3,650. Stock frames should come next year, probably.

moots YBB 650b soft tail mountain bike with new Mavic Crossmax SLR 27-5 wheels

The bike’s built with 100mm fork and about 1-1/8″ travel in the rear.

moots YBB 650b soft tail mountain bike with new Mavic Crossmax SLR 27-5 wheels

The bike gets a 44mm headtube, press fit BB30, curved down tube for fork clearance and curved top tube for stand over. It’ll also come standard with post mount rear brake tabs, something that used to be an optional upgrade on their frames. They use replaceable inserts save you from ruining the frame.

It’s made in Steamboat, CO, with 3/2.5 seamless Ti tubing.

Mavic Crossmax SLR 650B 27-5 mountain bike wheels

Looking for a high end wheel set option that’s not carbon? Mavic should have you covered soon! More on this as we get it.


This bike’s getting ready for the Tour Divide.


This MX Divide has the first ever Calfee internal Di2 battery hooked up to a dropper post and being used to power the Fox iCD suspension.



All wiring runs inside the frame for an incredibly clean look. It’s working with the new E-Tube wiring design, so one wire goes from switch to fork to shock to battery, which has the processor built in. Slick.


  1. Looks great, no question. But I guarantee the front end of that MX Divide is super flexy. Ti is simply a poor material to use on a FS rig (especially with that undersized down tube). May work fine for the buff track in Steamboat under a 145 lb racer (or for the dentist or doctor who rides 3x a month), but take a 175 lb average joe with a few skills to Fruita, Moab, Sedona etc. and he’ll wish he had something else

  2. John is right, that front end looks like noodle city to me. Also, the battery powered drooper post looks like a grease everywhere every time the battery needs charging. And how friggin long of a seat tube is required to fit that contraption in a frame? Methinks anyone riding smaller than an 18″-19″ frame is SOL. Moots, with their ever skyrocketing prices, is turning into the Serotta of the MTB world.

  3. Pancakes,

    Have you ridden any Ti bike with a 1 5/8 down tube, which is what Moots typically uses? Works OK for certain bikes (road) and riders, but the combination of material and diameter is way under-gunned for most modern, moderate to aggressive rider’s needs. BTW, just got a chuckle – I picked up Bike Magazine’s 2013 Bible of Bike Tests at lunch, and they basically rip on the MX for being flexy. The problem with Moots is that they use titanium no matter what, and never mind if it is appropriate for the application. They never outgrew the “let’s make everything out of titanium because it is so cool” mentality of the early 90s

  4. battery doesnt have to be removed to charge. see calfee’s website. im sure the battery circuitry can be moved for smaller frames, this is far from a production piece.
    just because it’s ti doesnt necessarily mean it’s flexy. steel, ti, alu, they have similar STW… it’s all in the application.

  5. Moots always has been a boutique brand for people who know nothing about bikes except that the most expensive is best. Flexy as hell, not very attractive. Have you ever met someone riding one? Elitists snobs.. You can get a bike 10 times better for 1/4 the price.

  6. Tour divide bike – very much function over form for that bike in what is a brutal race. However, are those hydraulic brakes? To me it looks like the internals were removed on a Shimano shifter. I really like the shifter mounted on the aerobar for the Rohloff.

  7. @ridebeersleep, Tour Divide isn’t a race much like RAAM isn’t a race, it’s simply a contest of who can sleep the least and keep pedaling a bike.

  8. Looks like photoshopping.
    Those wheels look like SLR 29er, and, doesn’t Schwalbe label their tires as 650b instead of 27,5?

  9. “Hey, man, you doing the tour divide?”
    “Obviouslyyyyy, can’t you see that I have a wine bottle mounted to my fork leg?”
    “No, your collection of handlebars is in the way, sorry.”
    “You had better be sorry. Now get out of my way!”

  10. Thanks for the clarification Tyler.
    It was odd that this wheelset came so stealthy(first time spotted at NAHBS).
    So, if Mavic gets into the 650b(I prefer this nomenclature), that wheelsize will be unstoppable.
    For the moment, I’ll stick to my SLR 26ers 😉

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