Ok, you could race in it if you really wanted to, but that’s not the point. The point of the NewRoad line according to Giro is developing an apparel line that matches with the changing face of road cycling and the new style of riding that features more exploring and the freedom to ride whatever and wherever you want. As Giro Senior Vice President put it, “With Giro new Road, we have created a new kind of clothing line that recognizes that cycling is more than just a race.”

Sure, Giro is not the first company to do merino wool cycling pieces, but the Giro line is unique because it’s meant to be worn as a system. Thanks to purpose built layers, riders will be able to control storage, temperature regulation, and protection from the elements. The entire line was done with the help of designer Alex Valdman, who has worked with Levi on their commuting line, the Gap, and even Kanye West’s Pastelle.

Check out more of the NewRoad down the line.

The Liner bib short is one of the more interesting pieces as it not only has built in pockets to store your gear without it bouncing all over they place or weighing your jersey down, but it also has a working fly for mid ride pit stops – what a novel idea. If you’re not into bibs, there are non bib undershorts as well. Shown over the bib undershorts is the 40M Tech Overshort, a 4 way strech short with a tailored fit optimized for pedaling.

It’s not all Merino in the line as evidenced by the Waterproof Jacket – the names are pretty straight forward. The Waterproof Jacket is made from Pertex, which is a performance fabric that manages a cotton like feel, yet is completely waterproof and windproof while still breathable. The photo on the right illustrates Giro’s System Zip – the zipper isn’t for a pocket, but to get to a pocket on one Bib Undershort. Most of the jerseys and jackets have System Zip built in so that you can always easily access the pockets on the bib.

However, if you choose to use the pocket in the jersey instead, you’ll be happy to know that they haven’t been overlooked. Utilizing Skeletal pocket construction, Giro was able to build structure into the pocket to help keep the wool from sagging, which is a common issue with wool jerseys. Merino wool is available in various styles like the SS Jersey with pockets, the Merino Crew, a ride shirt, even a sleeveless base layer. Whatever your preference for road riding adventure, the Giro NewRoad collection is worth looking at. We’ll have some samples in soon, and get back with the full report.



  1. Awesome!
    For the temperate rainforest we call Pisgah, these items could reign supreme. I am eagerly looking forward to seeing these for sale and out on the trail, and would love to get my hands on all of the above for an upcoming semi-supported trip from Durango to Moab.

  2. edward: Why does it have to be one or the other? The nice thing about the giro stuff is its made in the US, similar to Mission (Doesn’t look like Mission has as much variety in garments). Chrome makes a lot of their apparel in China now. You didn’t mention Rapha, but others have and a lot of their stuff is made in China as well. Not that theres anything wrong with that, but obviously they don’t pass the savings to the consumer.

  3. Erm. What about the ladies? We ride bikes, too. And we buy way more clothes than guys. Oh, that’s right, 90% of the bike industry would prefer to ignore us, despite the fact that we have a hell of a lot of purchasing power.

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