Easton Cycling M1 mountain bike hub bearing spacer upgrade kit introduction

Easton Cycling has created a bearing spacer kit to upgrade their M1 rear hub, found on most of their mountain bike wheels. The kit is free of charge to anyone that owns wheels with that hub, and parts should be available at the end of February 2013. The design will also be incorporated into all new wheels as a running change starting mid-February.

They’re claiming the new bearing set up improves durability up to 10x depending on model. If you have a set of their wheels, look for the number on the rear hub starting with M1. If it ends in “1” (ie. M1-221), it’s compatible with the upgrade. The kit will include tools for installation and new bearings, among other miscellaneous bits.

For shops stocking the wheels, or for more info, check the PR and videos below for more info and clues to tell if your wheels already have the upgrade installed…

PRESS RELEASE: Easton Cycling has introduced a hub upgrade kit for M1 rear hubs used in EC90 XC, EA90 XC, EC70 Trail, Haven, Haven Carbon, Havoc and EA90XD wheels. The Bearing Spacer Kit will be available late February 2013 free of charge for existing M1 rear hubs and is included as a running change in all M1 hub-equipped rear wheels shipped after mid-February.

“This upgrade for the M1 rear hub is part of our ongoing commitment to producing the finest wheelsets in cycling,” said Easton Cycling Brand Manager Dain Zaffke. “Adding this Bearing Spacer dramatically improves bearing durability and eliminates the side-to-side play associated with an unthreading preload adjuster. Our wheelsets consistently win praise from professional riders, journalists, and consumers alike and this bearing spacer will ensure durability in even the most inclement conditions.”

Easton M1 rear hubs are used in EC90 XC, EA90 XC, EC70 Trail, Haven, Haven Carbon, Havoc and EA90XD wheels.

The Bearing Spacer Kit consists of an internal bearing spacer, a new set of bearings, a new end cap and there are installation tools available as well. They will be available free of charge to retrofit existing M1 wheels and can be installed by Easton distributors, retailers, or competent home mechanics. The Bearing Spacer will also be included as a running change to all M1 hubs starting mid-February 2013.



  1. gibbon on

    Just need to solve the snapping of spokes on the road wheels and the easily dented rims and drop 20% off the price and they’ll be sweet.

  2. ESB on

    Easton is a joke and I will never buy another product from them. I’ve had nothing but trouble with my Carbon Haven 29 hubs. They claimed the whole time there wasn’t anything wrong with the hub that failed 5 times in less than a summer of riding. Their customer service is a joke, as is their ” 2 years no questions asked warranty. BUYER BEWARE!!!

  3. jonboy on

    my havocs have been bulletproof from my sloppy riding style and frequent beatdowns for 3+ years. i’ll gladly take an upgrade for free. easton haters stfu

  4. Independent on

    Jonboy, they really have had quite a few problems. There’s a difference between hating and facing the evidence.

  5. whoa on

    I have just bought a set of (ec90) wheels. Should I wear out the (original) bearing before upgrading to the new bearing?

  6. Easton Cycling on

    @ESB, we’re truly sorry to hear that you’ve had some bad experiences with your Haven Carbon wheels. Did you send them to our Wheel Service Center for service? You are a great candidate for the new M1 Bearing Spacer Upgrade Kit. Contact us at WheelInfo@eastonbellsports.com and we’ll get it out to you.

    @whoa, it is up to you when to make the upgrade. Many riders haven’t had any trouble and will choose to leave their wheels as is. Ordering the Upgrade Kit is as simple as sending an email and the installation takes about 15 minutes.

    @Hell nah, Recalls happen when the Consumer Product Safety Commission (a government agency) deems a product unsafe. Bearing durability is in no way a safety issue. This is a positive situation–we’ve updated our wheels in a way that dramatically improves bearing durability (this is normal product evolution). Instead of telling our customers that their wheels have become obsolete, we’re offering an Upgrade Kit (for free, by the way). At Easton Cycling, we appreciate and respect our customers. So we’re picking up the tab on these Upgrade Kits.

  7. Troy Mault on

    I received the bearing kit for my Haven Carbon wheels (very quickly I might add) and after installation there is now play in the hub that cannot be removed. So much for this being an upgrade. It is also worth noting that the threads on my hub axle for the preload cap are standard right hand threads so I had to use the original cap and could not use the replacement cap which has left hand threads. It seems odd that there would be different versions of the axle. In any case I now need to remove the new bearing sleeve so the preload can again be set to remove the play. Of course the preload cap will continually loosen (which is why I installed the upgrade) but this is solved by using Loctite on the threads which was my solution the first time around.

  8. Ming the Merciless on

    Great, just looked at my Havens and I’ve a M1-120 rear hub. I paid list price when they first came out and I’ve had more bearing problems than you could shake a stick at since owning them. First set of bearings lasted maybe 4 months. After the second set went if it wasn’t for my LBS mechanic haranguing the UK importer at a trade show in front of people I wouldn’t have got a new front wheel out of them and new guts for the back wheel hub.

    Rear wheel gets used only in the dry (so last year here in the UK for about 3 months), I’m paranoid about using them in the wet.

    They are out of warranty by now so when the bearings go again it’ll be the scrap heap.

    I’d rather buy Crank Brothers.

  9. Nic on

    Just wondering about the hub on my Easton EA90 XC 2012. On the hub I can read M1-220. According to http://www.eastoncycling.com these hubs can only be used in configuration 135x10mm QR, but mine is 142×12 through axle. I didn’t modify anything, I got it from chainreactioncycles.com. Can I apply the upgrade kit? Thx!

  10. Woof on

    Yep, I’m stuck with an M1-120 hub also…. no free upgrade for me. That really sux !
    Looks like I’ll just be cutting that hub out of there an be replacing it with a real hub that doesn’t have bearings that disintegrate and need constant adjustment ! Easton you SHOULD BE offering owner of M1-120 hubs free replacement hubs as you obviously produced an inferior hub that should have never been sold to the public !

  11. tddvrrn on

    i just bought a set of haven carbons with an m120 rear hub.

    i called easton and was told that my hubs would be replaced under warranty as long as i had my receipt. i’m just going to ride it and see how it goes. but all you m120 guys, try giving them a call again..

  12. Dancat on

    Just have replaced the bearing kit on my EA29XC and Iam very disappointed as there is a play on the hub that cant be removed. The Easton provider here in Slovakia is selling the upgrade for 5 euros so the replacement is NOT FREE as well. It is a shame for Easton.

  13. menard on

    bonjour j ai des problemes de roulements avec un easton ea90xc comment faire pour avoir le kit de modernisation des roulements ar , une adresse ?? une solution ??? merci

  14. Don on

    I was having endless problems, pretty much after each ride the wheel hub had become loose on the bearing. This has resolved that issue 100%. Free kit from Easton in South Africa. what a difference. Its so smooth and runs for ever, i check it from time to time and no play on the hubs yet, 4 months now. great wheels

  15. Don on

    well its been just over a year, and ive had mega sh*t with my hubs, as i said above it was ok, it didnt last long. ive send my wheel back to Easton, the product support is great, i just want to ride without the worry. There seams to be a major engineering flaw in this 221 hub.
    i spend more time with issues than riding. i think im moving onto Maviccrossmax ST. i cannot find a long tm review of any easton wheel with the M1 221 hub. it cannot be good. im out!

  16. jeffrey cruz on

    i have a play in my hubs and it really bothers me a lot. how or where can i get this upgrade kit from easton here in the philippines. Im using easton ea90 xc

  17. vincent bueno on

    i recently bought this ea90 xc wheelset and using it for 3days now here in philippines. im very much concerned for the possible problems to be encountered in the future since there are limited supply of easton parts and accessories here. for easton cycling : can you still provide us here in the philippines with your free bearing upgrade kit?


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