Wolf Tooth Components Cranks It Up with 88 BCD and GXP Integrated Bash XX1 Rings

Originally spotted out at NAHBS, Wolf Tooth Components seems to be cranking out the goods with new XX1 compatible rings that will make dropping that front derailleur easier than ever. You may have noticed on our original post that the GXP direct mount ring had an additional 4 holes – which didn’t make sense unless it was to attach a bash gaurd. That is exactly what WTC had planned and will begin shipping their SRAM Spline ring/bash guard soon with the rings shipping in 1-2 weeks and the guard shipping in 3-4. We’re looking into what the BCD of the guard will be, as it’s not yet clear if you will be able to run any bash guard, or just theirs.

Other big news for WTC is the introduction of a line of 88 BCD chainrings that will fit XTR’s M985 Race 2x crank. See them after the break!

Wolf Tooth Components Cranks It Up with 88 BCD and GXP Integrated Bash XX1 Rings

88mm BCD single speed rings aren’t the easiest thing to come by, especially rings that are compatible with XX1. That’s exactly why WTC is stepping in with their 30-38T (even sizes) chainrings for the M985 doubles that even include machined profiles to match the arms of Shimano’s crank.

Wolf Tooth Components Cranks It Up with 88 BCD and GXP Integrated Bash XX1 Rings

The 88 BCD rings were just finished and WTC is expecting them to ship out in 4-6 weeks. Their standard 104 BCD rings started shipping on March 21st and Wolf Tooth is currently offering free shipping in the US and a $5 credit for International shipping.

Note that not everything is available yet, but when it is, Wolf Tooth Components will have XX1 compatible rings for the following options:

  • 104 BCD: 30/32/34/36T
  • SRAM direct mount: 32/34T + optional Bash guard
  • Middleburn 30T snowflake pattern optional
  • 88 BCD: 30/32/34/36/38T



  1. This makes sense if you have your own cranks. I was pricing out a Krampus build and Raceface Turbine cranks with a Wolf Tooth chainring wound up being almost the same price as just buying XX1 cranks. The chainring was $80-86 shipped by itself.

    XX1 cranks are on order 🙂

  2. Ride report from Moab and Fruita:
    I am testing the new 30 tooth 104 bcd out here on spring break with a 11-36 shimano xtr shadow plus rear derailleur. It has been working phenomenal. Even the constant drops on porcupine rim didn’t drop the chain. The 30 tooth provides a great gearing ratio for the climbs with an 11-36 cassette.

    I should also note that I have also been riding and racing the 32 tooth on my fat bike for a few months with no issues or chain drops.

  3. Are 110 and/or 130mm BCD rings planned? I am pretty confident CX riders on single rings will be interested; I know I am. I run a 38t, and I believe the SRAM Type 2 derailleurs will work quite well with SRAM road shifters (I have yet to ride the combo).

  4. @MattS I’ve been running an X9 type 2 short cage rear derailleur with Force shifters, an 11-36 cassette, and a 39t Force chainring and it works beautifully. I might recommend an 11-28 or 11-30 for CX racing though. The short cage der can handle the 11-36 with two chainrings 6t apart as well.

  5. CX RING PLEASE. Sign up another person for a 110 BCD cyclocross ring. Made in USA quality, very nice. Anyone else interested in a cyclocross xx1 style ring, post a “cx ring please” comment. thanks

  6. Great to see some more options in this area, especially for those of us tall folk who run 180mm cranks.

    Does anyone know if there are patent issues surrounding the tooth pattern?

  7. how are wolf able to produce these? doesn’t SRAM have a patent (at least pending) on the tooth profile of the XX1 chainring?

  8. i too would like to see 110 and 130 bcd chainrings for CX. some mechanics here in town have tried running 9 and 10 speed drivetrains with the XX1 chainring and they both work well. as far as patents go, i read that this tooth design is based on a long expired patent from the 70s

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