RockShox Reincarnates the Pike, Updates Reverb Stealth and Monarch PlusRemember the Pike? Sure you do, after all, shortly after it was released in 2005 it was one of the forks to have thanks to its lightweight but stout chassis complete with 20mm thru axle. Originally produced for the developing trail and all-mountain segment, the Pike ended up being lowered and loved by dirt jumpers as well looking for a burly fork without the wieght, which eventually evolved into Pargyles, but I digress. The Pike has been absent for quite a few years, but it’s back and better than ever.

Meet the new Pike – 26, 27.5, and 29 All Mountain/Enduro capability in a package that’s barely over 4 pounds.

The all new Pike promised Lyrik stiffness, with Revelation weight. In order to do so, Rockshox had to create an all new chassis based on 35mm stanchions, a new crown, an asymmetrical lower, and a redesigned, dedicated 15x100mm Maxle Lite.

Controlling the new fork is the new Charger damper with Rapid Recovery which utilizes a rubber bladder similar to that used on the Fox Fit Dampers. Using an extruded bladder design, the system is incredibly robust and allows for a bled damping system keeping any air out. There are 2 different damping models, the RCT3 and the RC with the RCT3 offering external rebound, low speed compression, 3-position compression (Open/Pedal/Lock) adjustment.

RockShox Reincarnates the Pike, Updates Reverb Stealth and Monarch Plus

Available in tapered steerers only, the Pike will be offered in 150 and 160mm versions for the 26 and 27.5 wheel sizes, with a 140 and 150mm travel version for the 29ers. Weights for the forks start with the 26” at 1835g (4.05 lb), the 27.5” at 1861g (4.10 lb), and the 29” at 1876g (4.14 lb). From the release it sounds like all the forks will be Dual Position Air except for the 140mm 29er fork which will be Solo Air. The Pike will be offered in Black and White and it should be noted that the black coating on the stanchions is still just a cosmetic black annodization, no DLC yet.

RockShox Reincarnates the Pike, Updates Reverb Stealth and Monarch Plus

As mentioned, the Maxle Lite has been redesigned with an internal cam to keep dirt out and the mechanism working freely. It also looks more sleek and probably lighter weight. MSRP: $980-1085

While not completely new, the Monarch Plus receives many updates that help bring it to the next level.

RockShox Reincarnates the Pike, Updates Reverb Stealth and Monarch Plus Built with the same Rapid Recovery rebound as the Pike, the Monarch Plus now has twice the rebound range as well as increased compression flow thanks to the lager 10mm shaft diameter. Because the internal compression circuit is smoother, the new shock is quieter with more control. The new air can offers more negative space for better small bump compliance as well. MSRP: $486

RockShox Reincarnates the Pike, Updates Reverb Stealth and Monarch PlusFinally, the Reverb Stealth gets updated with a pretty sweet quick disconnect coupler called the Connectamajig. The coupler allows the hose to be removed and reconnected from the seatpost several times before a bleed of the system is needed. This is not only great news for companies assembling bikes at their factories, but for anyone wishing to pack their bike up to travel as well. There is also a new 150mm travel option and 34.9 seatpost diameters in all travels. MSRP: $384 – $455





  1. I guess Rock Shox got tired of losing all that OEM spec to Fox 34’s, so they basically replicated that fork right down to the 15mm axle. Yawn…

  2. Just like a Fox 34, but with a travel adjust that works. Would be nice to see a WC version with the carbon steerer/crown. Screw that, just give me a Revelation with the Mission control already.

  3. The new Maxxle looks like a real improvement and if there’s space to get the Connectamajig through the routing holes in next year’s frames then I’m going to have a hell of a lot easier time bleeding and installing them!

  4. @Joshua – I have 34 and it is a really sweet fork. But how could you say it’s a better performing fork if you have not used one for an extended period of time? The Damper in this new fork may actually be better then a fox ctd…I had a Revalation 150mm travel Dual air, black box blah blah blah. It was hands down a better fork then the 32 RLC I had on my other bike.

  5. If the new damper in this new Pike works as well as advertised, Fox’s stranglehold on the 150-160 mm all-mtn fork market might just have a legit competitor entering. I’d be willing to entertain upgrading my 36 to one of these.

    As for that Monarch, I’m actually in the market for a new shock. Never thought I’d be considering Rock Shox front and rear, but if it works…

  6. Didn’t you know? BR has a lot of commenters who are experts on products not publicly released yet.

    Competition for the 34 is good. And I think the Connectamajig could really see some use in a few years when road/cross hydraulics boom.

  7. I like how the cable holder uses a bolt and a plastic hanger vs the rest of their line using zip ties… Very Fox like also.

    Both these companies need to get more cost competitive the prices are getting out of hand. Manitou has stepped up in the performance dept and kept their pricing inline.

  8. Those who automatically assume that the Fox is a higher quality fork likely don’t have much experience with recent Rock Shox products. If choosing the most expensive thing by default works for you, though, stay with it.

  9. +1 with Hill … RS is faaaar ahead of Fox in a lot of ways (QC, bushings, damper, hell even solo air !), and right now, I’d buy a RS over almost any Fox on the market (I’d like to try to new Fox 40 first though).

    That said, I’d quite like to have a go at that fork. 1 issue, on the 3 sets of hubs I have at home (Crossmax SX, Deemax, Reverse Evo9), none of these will work with 15mm axle (well the SX can, but I’ll have to have an axle custom made…)

    So in the mean time, I’ll keep to my highly modified Lyrik.

  10. Could have sworn the original copy (read it within a couple minutes of the article posting) said 34mm stanchions. Not that 1mm much matters, but at least it comes off as a lighter Lyric and not a carbon copy of the 34. Still would have preferred they stuck with a 20mm axle for this application.

    Saving a quarter pound is nice, but you also have to figure the 34 has been out for a couple years so it should be getting a makeover before long and will likely shed weight in the process.

    And of course the new damper sounds nice, has a company ever released a new product they marketed as a step backwards?

  11. fox bushings suck and prematurely wear the anodizing off of your stanchions and when a fox is tuned “right” it doesnt get full travel.

  12. Fox’s new stuff has been terrible. ROCKSHOX FO LIFE SUCKAS!!!!

    Gonna get another year on my Lyrik but that Monarch plus is the hotness!!

  13. 15mm Thru axles are a joke for anything but XC riding. The reason Fox went 34mm stanchions was the 15mm axle were too flexy. My Revelation (and old Pike) track great with 32mm stanchions because they have 20mm axles.

  14. Nice to see Rockshox back in the 140-160 game.

    The Lyrik DH is a great fork, but still not as good as the Marzocchi 55 RC3 Ti, which having ridden and owned the usual Fox 36 Kashimas, Lyriks etc is still so simply beautifully damped, it’s untrue. But for a trail fork in the ~140mm range, the 32mm stanchion forks are too flexy and out of their depth IMHO…

    I would argue the Fox 34 is at best, average/adequate, in the 26″ wheel size I tried at least. I’m now running the Bos Deville 140mm, which is plenty stiff, and has truly stunning damping, close in quality to the 55 RC3 Ti, and it’s an air fork. The Bos is the real competition to the new Pike here in my opinion, not the Fox 34….

    Whats more, the Bos will happily run 650b as the arch is nice and tall and has a 20mm thru axle…

  15. saying fox has superior anything other than mastering marketing and product industrial design is really a joke ! their crown/steerer always creeks (know people that actually are on the 4th warranty replacement ! ) and the ctd damper is pretty much useless – either to soft on D or to harsh on T.also, their relatively heavy .
    rockshox damping is superior in most cases (try comparing a 32ctd to a revelation solo air) and the weights are good .only drawback is they look kinda “cheap” and lacked a model in the AM+ category (until now at least).

  16. I just wish they had made a version of the damper more similar to the motion control DH. Makes me curious as to the possibility of running a motion control DH damper inside of one, and saying “mmmmm, open bath”.

    To me, the thing that was so impressive about the original pikes was how well they performed @ their price point. These are, clearly, top dollar again. Hope to see RS come out with a long travel version of the reba.

  17. Just purchased a fattie street bike and would like to install a suspension fork up front. Just for the look as this bike will never try to shred a mountain or even a trail, ha. I heard that SRAM is coming out with a fork called BLUTO for fatties???? Hopefully it won’t cost an are and a leg for my purposes. Any info???????????? Ya’ll heard anything????????

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