WTB Offers More 650 Treads, New Rim Family

If you haven’t figured it out yet, WTB’s April Fools prank was actually true, well, minus the Charles Bronson Part. The vigilante is a new enduro oriented tire and it will be available in both 2.3 x 26, 650b, and 29″ tire sizes. Built with thicker sidewalls, sticky rubber, and exceptional rebound characteristics thanks to the low durometer Dual DNA rubber, the open tread pattern should be perfect for the gnarly conditions encountered in most enduro races.

In addition to the Vigilante, WTB is also introducing a lighter, high volume 650 tire, the Beeline. Check it out after the break.

WTB Offers More 650 Treads, New Rim Family

The tightly spaced tread pattern of the Beeline is similar to that of the new 29 inch Nine Line. Built to be a light weight, rounded profile tire, the 2.2 Beeline has lower profile square edged blocks than the Vigilante, with a bit of ramping in the center for better rolling resistance. While the Vigilante will be available in May, the Beelines reportedly won’t be available until July where it will enter as WTB’s third 650b offering.

There is also word of a new rim family called the KOM, which will supposedly offer “Carbon weights at an aluminum budget. Built with a 23mm internal, and 28mm external width, the rims will be constructed from WTB’s proprietary WT69 alloy with 4D-Angled spoke drilling which is similar to that of the Stryker and Frequency wheels.


  1. 23 mm internal width rims: Awesome! WTB is getting with the program. Perhaps someday Mavic will get it that 19 mm is not considered “wide”.

  2. They look the same except WTB split the large center block, staggered the blocks on the edge, and the spacing is slightly different. Not an exact match, but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear they used the Schwalbe as a starting point.

  3. Specialized used the NN as a starting point for their new Ground Control. As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and both the NN and the GC are great tires; the Vigilante should follow in the form of its ancestors.

  4. i23 is heavier and stronger. If I understood correctly, KOM is getting rid of the internal “beam” reinforcement. No, but thank you.

  5. Nobby Nic is an awesome proven tire. If somebody is using it as an inspiration, good for them. Nothing wrong with that. That said, shoulder blocks look like they be a bit more stable compared to NN on hardpack.

  6. BikeRadar, in an article published shortly before April 1:

    WTB will continue to support the countless masses of 26″-wheeled mountain bikes currently in use but don’t hold your breath for new designs. As OEM sales manager, Moeschler has a clearer view of the future than most of us and he didn’t mince words, “I’ve halted every 26-inch project we had going. It’s all going 650b.”

    Not April Fools?

  7. Glad to see a company like WTB push 650b more mainstream.

    On a similar note, seems like the fatbike market is gaining plenty of traction right along 650B… would love to see WTB invest in some options for fatties as well.

  8. Since WTB’s enduro team, Mark Weir, Jason M and Ben Cruz, all run Cannondale Jekyll’s with 26″ wheels I highly doubt they wont be making & releasing to public any new 26″ designs. Both Weir and Cruz have been running the VIgilante for a while now, testing the living daylights out of it. Personally I can’t wait for this tire.

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