3 Wheeled Recumbent Speed Machine: Outrider's Electric Trikes

Further blurring the line between tricycle and electronic vehicle, Outrider’s pedal electric vehicles take the recumbent trike to new levels. The company was founded after Tommy felt that he needed a faster way to ride to college after getting pushed off the road on a regular bicycle. Tommy then got together with Daniel and later Jesse to pioneer the next generation of electric ultralight adventure vehicles and opened up Outrider USA in Fletcher, North Carolina.

Last year, at the Pike’s Peak Pedal Electric Hill Climb (is there anything they don’t race up Pike’s Peak?), Outrider sent all of the other electric bikes home to recharge after taking 1st and 2nd and setting a new course record of 23:32 in the process. Whatever your stance is one electric bicycles, or recumbent trikes for that matter, you have to admire the designs of their adventure vehicles with speeds up to 40mph and a range up to 165 miles.

Check out the video of the Pike’s Peak winning run after the break.

Currently, Outrider has three different models – the Transition 311 Solo, 411 Hyperlite, and 422 Alpha, with the option for custom builds as well. With each model’s number, the first number represents the motor’s continuous output – 3 for 3,000 watts, or 4 for 4,000 watts. The next number is the battery’s kilowatt-hours, or the energy capacity of the battery, so 1.1 or 2.2.

3 Wheeled Recumbent Speed Machine: Outrider's Electric Trikes

There is quite a bit of beautiful machining work built into the adventure vehicles signaling that these are no toys.

3 Wheeled Recumbent Speed Machine: Outrider's Electric Trikes

The trikes have options for Schlumpf High-Speed drive cranks that allow for effective pedaling at speeds up to 40mph. Bringing you back down from 40 mph are front disc brakes, one on each wheel that are controlled independently by their own brake levers on each bar. Seeing as how they are located in North Carolina, naturally there is an optional upgrade for Industry Nine wheels as well.

3 Wheeled Recumbent Speed Machine: Outrider's Electric Trikes

As you can see, based on the motor, battery size, and how much pedaling is done by the rider, range of the trikes will very greatly – all the way up to that impressive 165m range for the 322 or 422 trike while pedaling at 20 mph. Charging time is also fairly impressive for such a powerful battery with 11 series charging to 100% in 90 minutes and the 22 series doubling that at 180 minutes. Each trike has a programmable dashboard where various power settings can be adjusted as well as displaying ride information.

All of the trikes are hand built in the US with American made motors and drive systems, and come with a 2 year limited warranty and a free 6 month tuneup. Don’t expect all of this to come cheap however, as prices start at $6,950 and quickly reach $11,995 for the Transition 422 Alpha. But hey, at least you would have a chance at winning the Pike’s Peak Pedal Electric Hill Climb – just hope someone else doesn’t have the 422 Alpha as well.



  1. So in most states these will have to be taxed and plated as they go too fast to be a ebicycle or moped even. I would have loved to had one to use for around the town riding.

  2. I want one of these…they look like so much fun. I sometimes pedal through Fletcher, NC while commuting and amazed when I see one of these whiz by me.

  3. Wow- he was moving fast in that video. This thing looks really cool and must be a blast to ride. But… let us not forget that it is a motorized trike…that puts your head about at pickup truck bumper level… personally I think a Ducati Multistrada would be safer and more fun…

  4. I rode pikes last year and those guys were either warming up, testing, or just playing around with those during our ride. and they were HAULIN A$$ and the noise was fantastic.

  5. Seriously cool. That looks like great fun and they smoked the competition. Well done!! American ingenuity at its best.

  6. I was looking for several years for a Electric… something… When I met Tommy and the folks at OutRiderUSA I was sure i found what i was looking for. Now some 3000 miles later this is by far the best transportation decision I’ve ever made. I live in Colorado and have ridden all over. I use my 422A for commuting, going to the store, taking my boat to the river, hauling the dog and I’ve saved a bunch on gas and not using my truck.

    These are nothing you can imagine. You have to experience the Outrider for yourself. It’s a game changer in so many ways. I feel safe riding my 422A and it’s for sure a blast. Cheaters??? Whatever keeps one moving i’m all over it and especially at pennies to operate. Heck… like “Mindless Said” A “HoverRound” or some other old folks Chair or a 422A… Your choice… Ride on. I heard perhaps no Electrics in races this year? is this true….

  7. As Jimmy Carter said: I have lusted after women.
    Well I have but never after a hybrid cycle like this. I stumbled across Jesse’s ride in Fletcher and tracked them down to their shop. I have visited there many times and I have to say this is entrepreneurism at its best. These guys “walk the walk” believing in and building beautifully engineered, quality machines. I see them around Asheville a lot and once on the BlueRidge Parkway. They ride these machines daily. They may not be your cup of tea, as some of the comments say, they are not a bike, not an electric car but something in between and wonderful and once you witness their acceleration and ride one, you will be like me, lusting after a 422/322 or 311 and saving my pennies.

  8. I just had my first ride yesterday on my new 422alpha.as the young folks say dude this machine is sick.it was by far the best ride I’ve every had and I’ve been biking since I was 10. I’ll be 72 next month.the trike actually gave me a second safe biking life.ive always been athletic.when I was 54 I had a setback as a valve in my heart went bad,then a pacemaker and a few stints.so I’m also electric driven with an artificial titanium/ carbon fiber aortic valve.wherther you young or older these trikes allow u to work as hard as u want when pedaling and the range is awesome.your low stable and they are unbelievably comfortable.one could ride all day as its like sitting in a high performance lounge chair on wheels.no jock rash,seat pushing on the wrong parts,arms and legs are in a wonderfully comfortable none fatiguing position no snapping in and out of pedals when stopping no balancing issues during slow maneuvering, but kick ass performance.thank u Tommy,Daniel and Jessie for a new lease on life by designing and making such a high quality product.

  9. I’m looking forward to the day I pick up a 422Alpha. I too have cycled for the last 55 years, recently I started to suffer from numbness in both hands, a result of being wiped out by an incompetant driver, resulting in shoulder injuries. This vehicle will mean I can continue long distance touring in comfort with speed & thrills. I’m going to visit the USA, pick up my TRIKE & tour for 6-12 months and this is the prefect machine…….. I’m once again dreaming of far horizons and long stretches of bitumen to enjoy this innovative & beautifully crafted machine. Returning to Australia with this Trike will give me the opportunity to continue the circumnavigation of the continent, started many years ago.

    • Hi Rosie…..It’s been 6 years since you wrote your post here….have you gotten your 422 Alpha and your dreams of far horizons realized?………Hope you have…..Ride on!!!!

  10. I have been riding a 411 for over a year now and would never again consider “sharing the road” without electric assist. Deadly distracted auto drivers (tagged, licensed, and a ton of steel) rarely know how to share or even care to share the road. The Outriderusa vehicles allow you to get up and go without interfering with the flow of traffic and offer the agility and ability to avoid the crazy steerers of big steel. While these trikes are low, my helmet light, flashing whip strobes and rear flashers have me showing up in everyone’s vision.

    By the way, Mindless, do not wait until you are 85. Unless you have groovy genes and plan to maintain vision, agility, strength, coordination and balance through your 80s, you will likely be looking at getting around a senior living home with a joystick on a Hoveround and not looking for adventure on a pedal electric trike. I am only sorry that the technology wasn’t available sooner so that the adventure could have started sooner.

  11. Mindless wrote: This is what I will ride when I am 85.

    Well, unless you are gifted with groovy genes, survive, and maintain vision, agility, coordination, balance and strength, you will more likely be driving a Hoveround with a joystick and not an adventure vehicle that rips up asphalt like a Outriderusa machine.

  12. I like electric bikes and recumbents so you can imagine what I think of this. Awesome! I used to need to catch a bus to the train station, followed by a train followed by a bus. With an electric bike, I can avoid the buses and unreliable transfers and get there quicker. My trip time reduced from 1 hour and 45 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes.

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