Our latest Kickstarter find, the Statement Bike Rack, seeks to make bike racks that won’t make your apartment look like a garage and are worthy of that ultimate piece of art and function: your bike.  Handmade of birch wood and anodized aluminum, the statement bike rack folds up when not in use (as you see pictured here), can accommodate a cable lock, holds up to 60 lbs, and is made in the U.S. A.  The bottom even makes a nice place to hang your hat.


  1. It’s very nice. I agree, price tag should go a little bit lower than $190. I can’t buy it but good luck to you guys.
    Also try to sell it in a variety of different colors.

  2. Not a very elegant solution. Over designed. I thought the Bike Valet (another kickstarter wall rack) was a much better and beautiful option.

  3. I think it looks really nice, but with a sloping top tube on a lot of my bikes I often find that they hang kind of wonky on a rack like this. Maybe the gel cradle can be shimmed in that case? $190 is totally worth is once you go back and admire the mustache and comb-work on that guy in the video again… See?

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