Scosche boomBottle Now Available, Brings Beats to your Bottle CageI know, we can already hear the collective grumbles in the comment section about noise pollution, and Freds rocking the bike trail blasting Justin Timberlake or whatever it is they listen to, but we think you shouldn’t write off the boomBottle just yet. Sure, one of its main features is the ability to fit in a bottle cage and play music while you’re riding. There are definitely people that will be exited about this ability, and probably annoy the rest of the bike path population in the process.

However, what has caught our attention is the boomBottle’s versatility. I can’t tell you how many times I was sent to work sag or support at a local charity ride when I worked at a shop, wishing I had some sort of music to help pass the hours between flat repairs. Enter the boomBottle – a wireless, Bluetooth, rechargeable, rugged, weatherproof speaker system that just happens to fit in a bottle cage – which means it also probably fits in cup holders, or back pack bottle pockets, and on, and on.

Intrigued? Tune into the details after the break.

Go surfing, rock out on the subway, get rad on your fixed gear – you can do all these things! Seriously though, you’re probably starting to get the picture – thanks to the self contained, mobile speaker system packed into a burly package, you can pretty much take your music anywhere.


Scosche boomBottle Now Available, Brings Beats to your Bottle Cage

Inside the impact resistant TPU exterior, you will find two 40 mm, 3 watt drivers that also passively run a built in subwoofer. Given that it is passive, we’re not sure how much bass it can actually put out, though it seems like it would be better than nothing. The boomBottle carries an IP4X weatherproof rating, which sounds like if you splash it, sweat on it, or allow it to get rained on briefly, it will survive – just don’t put it in the bottle cage on your surfboard. To further the protection from the elements, the omni-directional speaker cones are sheltered in sealed, dust proof speaker grills.

Scosche boomBottle Now Available, Brings Beats to your Bottle CageboomBottle uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect wireless-ly to your devices with a range of 33 feet, though it includes a built in aux input if you’re without Blueteeth. Using the built in, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, you can expect around 10 hours of continuous playback, then plug it in for a recharge with the included micro-USB charging cable. Furthering the versatility aspect, the boomBottle includes a metal carabiner that will allow you to attach it to anything your imagination allows.

Once the boomBottle is connected to your device, you can control the music directly from the large buttons built into the body. If you are using the boomBottle to play music from your phone, you can answer calls without getting your phone out with the built in microphone.

Scosche boomBottle Now Available, Brings Beats to your Bottle Cage

As you might imagine, all of the features of the boomBottle do add up in the price – $149.95. In the realm of portable, Bluetooth enabled speakers, it slots in somewhere in the middle. Is it worth it? We’d need to try one to find out, though we’re guessing after the guy above flatted, the walk home was a lot more enjoyable.

Grey boomBottles are available now, with the alternative colors available in May.



  1. OK, I’ll be the first grumble. I’m fine if these get used on the Santa Monica strand, but if I start hearing these on the dirt trails of my local state park, I’ll be knocking the owners over and stepping on them.

  2. I just use a Boombot 2 from Boombotix. Bluetooth, loud, and I keep it permanently clipped to the webbing of my bag strap so I can easily hear it and adjust the volume / turn it off. And 40% the cost of the boombottle. Sure, it looks dumb, but get the all black (I got gunmetal) version and you can’t really tell.

    The boombottle’s controls are pointless if you have to fumble down between your calves while riding to adjust controls, and do they really think the built-in mic is of any value for phone calls while riding?

    If it stands up on its own as a portable speaker, and it just to HAPPENS to fit into a bottle cage for those few rides you want it for, then great. But I can’t see a speaker designed specifically for bottle cages being very practical.

  3. Y’all just dont like to party! This is way better than your local trail riders wearing headphones. They can hear you, you can hear them. Seems good to me.

  4. I don’t understand all the hate towards music, it’s not as if these things are going to be as loud or annoying as the cars “that go boom.” It’s a 3 watt amp pushing two 1.7″ speakers, not a 1,000 watt system pumping 4 12’s. If you complain about bikers wearing headphones, then zip it about these tiny bluetooth jobbies. I love being in nature, and I love music…and I love listening to music while in nature. I use headphones as not to disturb others, but I still can’t see these being a nuisance for than the 4 seconds it takes you to pass or be passed by someone using one.

  5. I second PP’s comment on the Boombotix. I use one and love it. It is relatively cheap, light, good sound quality, great battery life and easy to use. I usually only use it when I ride solo but in group rides the volume can be set so i can hear and nobody else unless we are stopped (and in that case, I usually turn it off).

  6. There are a few cats that rock these at longer races and they always have a group around them partaking in the ambiance. Quiet times in nature are great but sometimes you want a little party music.

  7. What an ineffably awful idea. Terribad commercial, too. “Hey, let’s show a bunch of skeezy hipsters doing skeezy hipster stuff, like playing guitars and dancing on trains and running around the beach with American flags. Cuz that’s totally what they do!” You want music? Plug in headphones. I don’t have to hear it, and you don’t have to hear the car that takes you out. Win-win.

  8. There have been times that I’ve been out on a 4+ hour road ride, solo or with friends, where I thought to myself “Some music would help”. Now, I’m one to NEVER put headphones on while riding, so to me, this is a nice solution for those that want to hear some music every now and then without running the risk of not being able to hear your surroundings.

    I rode with someone who had a speaker connected to his bike and it was really nice, except that he had certain songs where I thought “really?!”

  9. I got my boombottle yesterday and the thing sounds amazing. I’m still trying to burn through a full battery charge. It’s pretty light too. The thing is really nice.

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