Cervelo P3 triathlon aero bike

The new Cervelo P3 borrows the Aero Zone technology and plenty more from the P5 introduced in January 2012, all for enough Benjamins less to get you into a few Ironmans.

Where the P5 builds in plenty of proprietary parts and high end collaborative cockpit parts, the P3 is aimed at the privateer. For $5,400, you’re getting a complete bike with Dura-Ace 9000 mechanical group, Magura’s RT6 hydraulic aero brakes, 3T cockpit and Mavic’s Cosmic Elite wheels (shown below…above appears to be the new CXR80’s).

The new frame is stiffer and more aerodynamic than the prior model. It also builds in some of the integration of food and beverage storage options of the P5 as well as complete mechanical/electronic drivetrain compatibility.

Cervelo P3 triathlon aero bike

Cable/hose/wire ports allow any mix of component selection. The seatstays and dropped downtube shield parts from the wind, making a more aerodynamic package. The frame is UCI legal, too, just in case you wanna TT this bad boy.

Cervelo P3 triathlon aero bike

Beyond being more affordable, it’s also more compatible with smaller riders. The size range drops all the way down to a 45 with 650C Vision wheels, and there’s a 48 with standard 700C wheels. The head tube is made for standard 1-1/8″ steerers and stems, so there’s no funky integrated stems or fairings to keep you from mounting your favorite aerobars. Lastly, their Rail seatpost provides a long stretch of saddle positioning, letting you get pretty far over the pedals for triathlon or keeping things UCI friendly for sanctioned TT races.


  1. Looks nice. My P2 will still be faster, for me. I need a slightly longer headtube to fit correctly, ie no ugly, and un-aero, stack of spacers. I can run my P2 with a -17 stem and no spacers. I’ll be looking forward to the P2 redesign that might push me to upgrade.

  2. Brian, you may want to check those geometry charts again. The new geometry is taller than even the P2 geometry. Its a little hard to compare because the reaches aren’t the same but for instance:
    56cm, Stack, Reach:
    newP3, 540, 425
    P2, 531, 429

    So the P2 is a touch lower and longer and its similar across the range. And really, since aerobars have started incorporating aero spacers, you can definitely make up for small stack differences, under about 2cm, without an aero penalty by heightening the aerobars.

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