Yeti Launches SB-95C and ARC Carbon, Bigger Wheels Lighten up

Following the success of the SB-66c, Yeti has carbon-ified the 29 inch version of their popular Switch equipped mountain bike to drop weight and climb trails. Since the SB super bikes have been introduced, they have been gaining quite the popularity. Our first impressions of both the 26 and 29 inch versions of the SB left us wanting more, so we’re guessing the carbon version will just push it over the top.

In addition to the SB-95c, Yeti also introduced a carbon, big wheeled version of the famed ARC which should leave the hard tail purists happy.

Yeti Launches SB-95C and ARC Carbon, Bigger Wheels Lighten up Yeti Launches SB-95C and ARC Carbon, Bigger Wheels Lighten up

Yeti Launches SB-95C and ARC Carbon, Bigger Wheels Lighten up Yeti Launches SB-95C and ARC Carbon, Bigger Wheels Lighten up

Essentially, the SB-95c is the same bike as the SB-95, just made out of carbon. However, when Yeti set out to build the SB-95c it wasn’t just an exercise in carbon – it had to be better or it wouldn’t happen. This resulted in a tremendous amount of work to not only make the carbon variety nearly 2 pounds lighter than its alloy sibling, but it resulted in a stronger, stiffer frame that is claimed to ride like an entirely different bike all together.

  • Travel – 5.00” (127MM)
  • Weight – 5.75 LBS (2.6 KG)
  • Colors –  TURQUOISE, BLACK
  • R.shock-  fOX CTD ADJUST (7.5”X2.0” / 191 MM X 51 MM)
  • B.bracket – 73MM SHELL
  • R.wheel – 142MM SPACING – 12MM AXLE
  • F.derailleur – DIRECT LOW MOUNT (E-TYPE)
  • Seatpost – 30.9MM DIAMETER
  • Build kits – enduro , race , xtr

Yeti Launches SB-95C and ARC Carbon, Bigger Wheels Lighten up

Carbon tends to be a little more susceptible to abrasion, so in order to protect the inside of the stays, the SB95c has some nice integrated guards to protect against chain slap.

Yeti Launches SB-95C and ARC Carbon, Bigger Wheels Lighten up

The bottom bracket/down tube junction gets some nice protection as well as preserving the bottle cage mount on the down tube.

Yeti Launches SB-95C and ARC Carbon, Bigger Wheels Lighten up


Yeti Launches SB-95C and ARC Carbon, Bigger Wheels Lighten up

Yeti Launches SB-95C and ARC Carbon, Bigger Wheels Lighten upYeti Launches SB-95C and ARC Carbon, Bigger Wheels Lighten up

The Yeti ARC goes way back, and while it was originally built with 26 inch wheels it has upgraded to a 29er carbon version to keep up with the times – well, the M-XL sizes that is. As something we think we’ll see more of in the future, the Extra Small and Small sizes of the ARC carbon will be offered in 27.5″ wheels instead of the bigger 29ers. Between the bigger wheels being more cumbersome for smaller riders, issues like toe over lap and head angle/fork offset to prevent toe over lap become a huge factor when designing a bike with bigger wheels for smaller people. It’s not like this is a new concept in the industry though, as road bike manufacturers have been offering smaller road bikes in 650c sizes instead of 700c for the same reasons.

Built to a certain aesthetic to pay homage to the original ARC with its loop tail stays, the Carbon ARC is Yeti’s 1st carbon 29 hard tail with 20 years of racing development packed into bigger wheels.

  • 142X12 REAR AXLE



  1. 650 will be the next version. SB650-6 would be sick and they need it to go up against the new SC Bronson.

    Good time to be a biker, sick stuff launching daily.

  2. So the sb-95c comes in small with 29″ wheels. Not sure why the arc small needs the 27.5? A few other companies have small/extra small frames with 29″ wheels. No reports of severed toes from dreaded toe overlap. Maybe yeti feels it is a good way to test the tweener size market before going all in? Sweet bikes regardless. And i love my sb-66 carbon.

  3. @silverlining: I don’t know authoritatively, but for a competitive XC racer dropping the needless weight of a 29er accommodating frame for a 27.5 gets some of the befits of the larger wheel size (in theory, never ridden one) without the weight penalty a larger frame and fork would require for equivalent stiffness. I think it’s a reasonable exchange for XC oriented people, honestly.

  4. Wasn’t the Arc name given because of the loop stay design? Arc Carbon is a bit more pronounceable than Crc too I guess.

  5. The name did come from the loop stays. i Think it is funny that Yeti subtly admits to not listening to their customers on their website. i used to really like Yeti and i still do to a extent. it just really bugs me that the owner was so vocal about 29ers would never catch on and he thought they were a dumb idea. i guess it was time to put profits ahead of opinions.

  6. Meh….at least the new ARC looks better than the Big Top. Still not sold on the SB bikes. I’ve ridden them and played with the suspension a bit but couldn’t get the ride to suit me. I am a big dude though so that could be the issue.

  7. Sure Yeti being one of the originals and purists in the mtn bike arena was slower to adopt the 29er. They resisted and mocked the big wheel as several of us did. Yeti like myself comes from the days of full rigid, 7spd and cantilever brakes (heck even u-brakes!). I was one of the grudging skeptics but then I purchased an SB95A. Never looked backed. Yeti, Santa Cruz and many other smaller brands had to change…not for profit but for the sake of surviving. Santa Cruz Tallboys (and LT’s) account for 60% of their sales. If these companies did not make 29″ and now even 27.5″, I’m sure they would be in deep waters.

    For all of us cycling is a love and passion but for bike manufacturers and shops…it’s also a business.

  8. Choosing between the 29er trail options is getting tough – so many good bikes out there.

    Dear writers,
    How the hell can the same exact model in carbon and aluminum “ride like an entirely different bike all together”?

  9. re: Woof – you can replace the internals and space the 140mm down to 120mm fairly simply, Fox probably builds them that way from the factory for Yeti.

    On the new ones you can’t get down to 120mm with spacers alone, you used to be able to on the older models.

  10. Semi-related, recently my LBS said the 575 is being discontinued in favor of the Switch bikes. I can’t find any mention of this on the internet. Anyone else heard this?

  11. I swear, I visited this article a half dozen times to drool over these pics. I should just make a collage and make it my desktop wallpaper.

  12. Would be nice if they could arrange the shock so that a drink bottle could fit inside the front triangle. Not everybody wants to ride with a camelbak, and having it under the downtube where horse and sheep poo can spray on it from the front tyre isn’t good enough.

    It’s a pity, I’d be an owner by now if not for that.

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