Light & Motion’s Seca, Taz, Stella and Urban lights all get brighter, delivering more lumens per dollar and bringing the price points of the lower output models down, too.

Shown from left to right above, here’s what changes:

  • The Stella goes from 300 to 500 lumens, price remains $149 w/ bar and helmet mounts.
  • The Taz 800 bumps to 1,000 lumens, price stays at $249. There’s still a Taz 1,200 above it for $299.
  • The Urban 700 is the new top model w/ 700 lumens. Price is $159 with both mounts, and the 200, 400 and 550 all remain in the line but will drop a bit in price.
  • The big daddy Seca 1700 jumps to 2,000 lumens and gets a refined beam pattern and chromed heat sinks. Price is $469 with both mounts and the smaller race battery. The larger Enduro battery will push the system’s price to $549.
  • Not shown, the Seca 800 jumps all the up to 1,500 lumens with a modest $30 price increase to $399.

More pics, plus the new rider friendly version of the SoLite, below…


Another view of the lights.



The SoLite 250 adds a larger battery and gets handlebar and helmet mounts. Cyclists have desired the SoLite’s compact bulb head but haven’t had the proper mounts to make it work until now. It’ll also have the headband mount shown here, making it perfect for getting around the campsite, too.


  1. Eyal on

    One day, L&M will figure out how to engineer a better/portable handlebar strap for the TAZ. One Day L&M will figure out to make the TAZ run on an external battery, or a swappable battery.

  2. vhom on

    As much as I like my Stella 180N, I think their oversea competitors offer more value for the money. Especially the MagicShine 808 you can pick up from Amazon for 90 shipped.

  3. Rob on

    @Eyal: one day, L&M might figure out how you can leave your battery at home!

    @vhom: you get what you pay for and buying cheap doesn’t save you money. AT the risk of hijacking this post, I anyway check up on that light. The mtbr reviews are atrocious and I already have enough broken Chinese stuff at home. Adios to that idea.

  4. Goats on

    Made in the USA and EXCEPTIONAL quality and design. There is a lot more to a great light than cost and brightness. Beam pattern, durability, battery management, ease of use all go towards putting these lights out in front. Super excited at the bumps in performance.

    Jackalopes will not stand a chance this catch and release season!


  5. Light Saber on

    External battery? The whole point of the Taz is that you don’t need one. Swappable would be nice, but if Lezyne is your model for that option, forget it.

    The strap could use some work, but it is fine.

  6. Jeff on

    Love my L&M Urban 500 and Tail Light. 2 years of trouble free service. Glad I didn’t go cheap on lights.

  7. daliperti on

    Light & Motion is a great product and few dollars more buys their quality, functionality and great customer service. I recommend their products and I think it’s not a bad idea to support a company who supports great athletes.

  8. Greg on

    L+M vs Magicshine: My Seca 1400 is so, so much brighter than my “2000 lumen” magicshine, it’s not even funny. probably closer to 900lumens. i do like their up/down arrows and battery gauge though.

  9. LMStuff on

    I am with Velo on the Amazon.com light I have this awesome 1200 lumens 4 mode light that works great, very durable, uses cree bulb technology, machined alum housing, 3-4 hrs runtime, waterproof and really inexpensive. I have been using it for almost 6 months now. I bought my Bro one for Christmas and he loves it too. Just used it over the weekend camping (2 nights as a flashlight) and on a night ride for an hour or so and it still was running full out. I use on my mountain and road bikes. I ride just as fast as I ride during the day since it puts so much light and I can see very far ahead and I don’t hesitate. I have used it and charged it I say at least 15+ times so far without any noticeable loss of runtime or any issues at all, the button still works great. I just looked it up and damm it only $25.28 now! I can do a full 2400 lumen enduro setup that lasts 3-4 hours for $50.56! I have rideing it on crazy night downhill rides and it keep rocking solid without a single blink.
    http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006QQX3C4/ref=oh_details_o06_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 . I am going to buy another as a backup. When the first one breaks I will order another spare. I can buy 6 light for the cost of one of these. I am sure there is going to be a lemon every once in a while at this price especially with the batteries. Lots of Amazon review 4+ stars.

    Ok, I get the support thing and the USA thing. They still use most of the parts from overseas to build them I am sure. Make a better light say with 1200 lumens and charge me $125 max or $100 sounds better yet not $299 and tell me it supports athletes and I might bite. I really need that extra cash to put towards my new MTB which is going to cost me 6k+!!! My current MTB is pushing 11 years now and needs to be replaced and it only cost me 3K back then.

    I stayed away from those MagicShine lights as they have too many bad and sketcy reviews this Cree amazon one is solid, clean and simple. Glad I bought one. It keeps me safe at night!

  10. Star Stevenson on

    Silly comparison. L&M has incredible water proofing experience from building underwater scuba diving lights in Monterey California. The light and the batteries are sealed something incredible! Also they feature some incredible heat sinking with high end brass/copper alloys. They also have overheating technology where power can be stepped down automatically if you are running in hot or slow conditions. Also their reflector designs are thoughtful for riding without skill robbing glare…and customer service is incredible. Nothing worse than bombing downhill under brush and have a glitch mess your flow. While I totally agree there are some chances at reliable and cheap alternatives, a light is like a helmet, you want to trust it!!

  11. Eyal on

    Crap! I’d love to see a made in USA shine! These guys should look at Exposure from UK and do it 200% better. They’re lazy and willing to compromise which is sad. Can you be the Apple of Bicycle lights, this is a challenge. USA, FTW!

  12. Ian on

    Light in Motion makes an excellent product and it’s good to hear that they are making their lights bigger and better.

    I currently run the seca 1700 (bars) with the stella 300 (helmet) and they both work flawlessly. Best beam pattern out there, reliable run times, excellent customer service. I’ve had performance bike lights since 96 (mostly nite nider)and made my first light out of a camcorder battery and a track light bulb in the mid 80s so I can really appreciate how far things have come and how great these lights work.

    I’m very happy that the Stella is getting up to 500 as it was getting a little under powered when used in conjunction with the seca 1700 and would be washed out by the 2000 for sure.

    Money well spent all day long, you truly get what you pay for and the value you get from light and motion is incomparable.

  13. Daniel on

    @Eyal I far prefer the output and beam pattern of a taz1200 to that of an exposure diablo:

    with the exception of looks (and perhaps thats where your apple comparison serves best) light and motion is already 200% better than exposure when you compare price, output and beam pattern (at least on these two similar models). Don’t get me wrong I would love an exposure because of their looks but can’t justify paying their prices when the beam patterns seem really narrow in all the review photos.

  14. Stamps on

    You get what you pay for. I’ve been running L&M for a couple years. Just upgraded to a SECA 2000 and stella 500 and damn its ridiculously bright.

    The beam pattern, battery life, build quality, and customer service are first class.

    Sure you can go cheap with a chinese import but you’re rollin the dice and the lumen/ beam quality typically is not what is advertised. Once you ride with a quality light you’ll never go back.


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