GT Prototype 650b Enduro bike

Not long after spotting a 650b prototype under Dan Atherton a while ago, it appears that GT has an entirely different 650b prototype that Dan is about to race. While the first bike looked as if they had simply placed a new swing arm on an existing frame, the latest bike looks entirely new with a shock tunnel in the front triangle built in. The pivot placement also looks a bit different, so it begs the question – is the I-Drive getting a revamp? Otherwise it features a compact hydroformed rear swingarm, with an alloy front triangle to match though it could be just in aluminum as a prototype with a carbon production bike in the works. Don’t quote us on that, just a theory. According to GT, it will receive a chain retention system so that Saint ring probably isn’t a narrow-wide prototype.

Dan will be putting the new bike through its paces this weekend at the Metabief, France Open Enduro.


  1. Interesting! But certainly not pretty. That front triangle reminds me the early Tomac brand models, and that’s not good.
    Anyway, I hope GT finds the way to get back to the place it once held. I have always liked the brand, actually the bike that made want to move from BMX to MTB in the early 90s was a GT.

  2. Nah thats dead sexy- in prototype form its not bad at all. Looks like they tucked the i-Drive further under the frame, very nice. Evolution is good.

  3. JOEP is on the money, that bike looks hot considering that it is a matte black proto like so many other bikes we see these day.

    if they do this right they could find a decent way back into more of the lbs market.

  4. @Justin, I thought that might be possible for a second, but there is a cable clearly ziptied to the top tube, and the DOSS post mechanism can be obscured from view depending on the angle. I’m assuming it is a standard post, with the cable run up the left side.

  5. I think it looks good considering it’s a prototype. I like what they did with the iDrive, but one striking difference is the lack of the rocker that attaches the rear tri to the top tube, similar to what’s on their prototype DH bikes – seriously, give it a look-see.

    If they hydroform the tubes like they did to the Proto DH bikes and similar lines to their current bikes – i.e. Force, Distortion – then it’d look WAAAY better. This one looks awkward because of the straight tubes… but that’s just me. 😀

  6. im seeing that new, “better than ever” sounding shimano derailleur mount on the frame too.
    Anyone actually own a bike with one of those derailleur mounts? because it was super hyped last year and i have seen nothing with that setup lately.

  7. @Fredrick: As far as I know, only Yeti offers their frames with that optional derailleur hanger. Way to go Shimano… Fox and you are getting close to Apple when it comes to closed standards and patents…

  8. @Luiggi – Santa Cruz has a Shimano DMD option on their bikes with a 142mm thru axle.
    I have a friend who switched to one and said it give slightly crisper shifting…certainly looks a whole lot better.

  9. I can’t imagine that frame being very stiff, what with only one pivot (and maybe the dogbone very near to it) joining the front triangle with the rear swingarm.

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