Take some cool bike pics. Upload them to Instagram. Tag them with #MyBikeTakesMe. Get a chance to win a Tern folding cruiser and some Nau clothing, something similar to what you see above!

Nau is a Portland (the “cool” bikey one) based clothing company, whose clothes are found in pretty much every hip city in the country. Probably a few marginally hip ones, too.  They’re making some classy-civilian looking clothing with many bike specific features beneath the surface. We have some of their stuff in for a soon-to-come review, but in the mean time head on over to Nau’s website to check out their threads.

Tern, the makers of bikes which intentionally fold in half, are producing some interesting folding bikes with relatively big wheels. Worth investigating if you’re into that sorta thing.

Good luck with your Lomo effects!


  1. I presume this is only open to the US? Please don’t be a Planet USA! site, state when articles are US specific,

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