Fix It Sticks multitool by Brian Davis

We spotted these at the beginning of the year as founder Brian Davix worked his way through Kickstarter to launch Fixit Sticks bicycle multitools. The campaign ended on Feb 15th, 2013, blowing past the original goal of $18,000. Davis closed with $45,201 pledged, about 250% of what was needed, and they’re shipping now.

Five sets are available, all retailing at $29.99 with free domestic (US) shipping. Here’s your options:

  • Standard Set (4,5,6mm hex / slotted)
  • Tuner Set (2,2.5,3mm hex / phillips #2)
  • Roadie Set (3,4,5mm hex / phillips #2)
  • Mountain Set (4,5,6mm hex / torx 25)
  • Snow Set (Slotted, Phillips #2, Phillips #3, 4mm hex)

Fix It Sticks multitool by Brian Davis


  1. My only issue is that the hex stock they are made out of is a funky standard size, something like 7/16″. It should be a metric size, i.e. 15 or 13 mm. My only gripe! Cool looking tool!

    and maybe the mountain set having a T25 and T27 instead of a #2 phillips…

  2. Nick – since they are designed for use away from the shop, why would you want to carry a heavy and bulky wrench to get leverage you shouldn’t ever need.

    Also, you can get them with any bits you like, pretty much.

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