Prone to laying it down, especially while riding solo? Even if you’re not a known #BikeWrecker the ICEdot crash sensor may be a worthwhile investment. Since the announcement of the crash monitoring sensor, the idea has gone from a concept to a working product that will be shipping in July.

Crash through for the production ICEdot’s vitals.


While the ICEdot isn’t as small as the concept imagined, it is still slim enough to fit to your helmet. We’re guessing most of the size is due to the rechargeable LiPo battery that is good for around 20 hours of operating time, or 30 days on standby. Charging takes about 4 hours through the included micro-USB cable.

ICEdot Crash Sensor1

After mounting to any helmet, the ICEdot communicates with a smart phone over BlueTooth LE. If in a crash of a certain magnitude, the required amount of impact will trigger the sensor causing your phone to sound an alarm. After the alarm is triggered you have a chance to disable the alert, or it will then send out SMS emergency text messages and a link to your current GPS coordinates to your pre-specified emergency contacts. Currently only iPhone 4s and 5 are supported by the ICEdot, so keep that in mind.

ICEdot Crash Sensor

Crash sensors can be pre-ordered now for $149.00, which includes the sensor, one mounting clip that either adheres or zip ties to your helmet, the charging cable, a one year premium ICEdot Membership, a T shirt, and free shipping.


  1. MotoPete on

    Don’t know what they are selling – but now I want to watch Napoleon Dynamite for some reason. “Shocks… Pegs…. Lucky!”


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