Taking their integrative approach to frame and parts to the next level, the Look 695 AeroLight road bike brings the French brand into the aero bike game.

In the past, Look has integrated everything from the stem and seatpost into the frame to melding track pedals with their ZED cranks. A lot of what’s used here was introduced on the standard Look 695. Now, they’re integrating brakes into the fork and reshaping the 695’s tubes to cheat the wind, all built with a new lightweight 1.5K high modulus carbon. Check the closeups below…

Look 695 Aero Light

The HSC 7 Aero fork sticks the custom brake arms in the center of the legs, putting them entirely inline with the shape to smooth air flow. The entire fork is just 320g and uses continuous fibers from the legs through the full 1.125″-to-1.5″ tapered steerer. The lower bearing is placed directly on the crown and it uses their Head Fit 3 threaded assembly to tighten it into the frame while allowing stem height adjustment without loosening the fork.

Look 695 Aero Light 3

Rear brakes are mounted just behind the bottom bracket, which uses their 65mm diameter bearings and one-piece ZED2 carbon crankset. For the record, the crankarms/spindle assembly is just 320g!

Look 695 Aero Light 5 Look 695 Aero Light 6 Look 695 Aero Light 2

The stays and seatmast/post are all aero shaped, too. The E-Post comes with three different elastomers (hard, medium and soft), which insert between the post and frame to completely isolate it from road buzz. For 2014, the E-Post is now compatible with Shimano’s internal seatpost Di2 battery.

Look 695 Aero Light 4

Even the stem is an aero part of the bike, helping in three ways. First, the faceplate is smoothed over into a new clamp design with hidden screws. Second, it has a massive range of adjustable tilt, from -13° to +17°, helping the rider get lower when it counts. Lastly, it helps hide the front brake cable, which runs discreetly inside the steerer all the way to the brake. All that and the whole thing comes in at just 160g claimed. That’s 20g less than their similar C-Stem, but with more range.

The rear brake’s cable runs inside the downtube and BB shell, and Look’s technical docs say the design provides smooth, one finger braking with more power than most people would expect from “aero” brakes.


As a frame pack, the kit will weigh in at 2,550g for frame, fork, brakes, post, pedals and crankset. Retail is €4,599. Six sizes are offered (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL) and five colors:


Left to right: Premium Pro Team, Premium Reflect and Premium Heritage. Below: Flash Blue and White Acid



  1. “Even the stem is an aero part of the bike, helping in three ways.”
    Yet it has that battery strapped on as an afterthought???

  2. @ Julien M
    That’s not a battery. It’s the interface unit. The battery is inside the seatpost. I really like this bike, especially in the “voltron” colour.

  3. @Julien
    I believe that’s the front wire harness, not the battery.
    As it allows you to make adjustments, I can’t imagine you’d want to hide it in the frame.

  4. Martin & Red are correct – That is the front junction box for Di2.

    Considering the fact that you charge the internal battery through a port on that junction box, I’m pretty sure that’s a good location. Unless you want to disassemble your bike to charge your battery.

  5. Why is someone complaining about no aftermarket brakes? Don’t buy an aero bike with integrated brakes if you want options.

    I love the bike and especially the Mondrian color scheme. Look can get a bit pushy with their own bits like the stem, but it’s been implemented reasonably well.

  6. Whatever that device is, it’s still really disappointing to see it strapped on and covering the graphics when so much refinement has gone into the rest of the bike…

  7. So it’s a junction box / interface unit and it needs to be accessible. Fine. But couldn’t they figure out another way of mounting it than a universal rubber strap that looks out of place and covers the graphics? It looks almost as unpolished as those bottle cage mounts with rubber straps.

    At least arrange the graphics to make it look like the strap is supposed to be there…

  8. I’m sure all of you could figure out an acceptable alternative location for the junction box if you were to snag one of these………. you’re not a triathlete are you? (cause most can’t work a ziptie)

  9. if you’re really bothered by the fact the junction box mounted on stem (look wise), perhaps you can mount it under the new barfly 2.0 garmin mount. problem solved.

  10. let bike builders take control of the entire system and this is what you get – beautifully integrated brakes, crank, bearings, fork, elastomer…

    so much thought and design went into this frame system! amazing

  11. Look’s great, but brakes are hopeless. I weigh 80kgs, and can’t bring the bike to a complete stop on a sight decline – in the wet, it is scarily bad !

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