Ergon HA2 Glove ridingIntended for technical riding and designed to pair with Ergon’s rounder GA1 grips, the HA2 All Mountain glove has been updated for 2013 with a new look, an added terry nose/brow wipe, and revised sizing.  Over the past couple of months, we’ve been using the eye-catching gloves for everything from XC racing to trail riding and, yes, even a wee bit of Enduro racing.  How have the Ergons handled the trail?  Hit the jump to find out!

Ergon HA2 Glove Palm

Constructed using a sturdy mix of dense mesh, synthetic leather, Neoprene, and Kevlar, the HA2s certainly look the part.  The synthetic leather provides a bit of wear resistance on the fingers while the Neoprene at the top of the cuff provides some security and stability to the wrist.  A Kevlar-covered pad at the heel adds long-ride comfort and spill protection without interfering with feel.  Ergon HA2 Glove top

The usual silicone grippers are printed on the first and second fingertips and are holding up better than most gloves’.  In fact, the Ergons are holding up very well overall:  with the exception of the grip rubber stuck to the white palm, each trip through the wash has these gloves looking almost new.  The pre-curved cut works well on the bike, with very little bunching and no binding when holding the bar or working the brakes. Ergon HA2 Glove Neoprene

Though targeted at more aggressive rides, We’ve spent as long as five hours in the HA2s without any discomfort.  It’s only the warm Neoprene cuff that keeps them from seeing more summer riding: its support is appreciated but a bit of perforation might aid breathability.  That said, it’s hot here in the desert and their comfort means that the HA2s will undoubtedly see more and longer rides as temperatures drop.

A quick note about the updated sizing: a large in older Ergons, I neglected to look closely at the sizing chart before requesting a sample- and as a result ended up with a too-small pair.  It’s entirely my fault- there are actually charts for each 2011/12 and 2013 gloves.  Existing Ergon riders purchasing newer models will likely need to go up a size.

Overall, the HA2s are proving themselves to be a comfortable glove with none of the premature wear of previous generations.  Though they’re designed to work best with Ergon’s lightweight GA1 Evo technical series grips, they’ve played well with every round grip they’ve met.  Available now in black or green for $45- look for an in-depth review come fall.



  1. EricNM on

    Darn. This makes me realize that my current gloves are NOT specifically ‘designed to work with’ my current grips.

    Curse you Ergon! My ride will never be truly complete until I answer the siren call of your devious marketing!

  2. Ben on

    I was thinking just yesterday that my gloves are awful with my Ergon grips. That maybe they should make a glove specifically for their awesome grips. What a great thought that was.

  3. Gillis on

    “In fact, the Ergons are holding up very well overall: with the exception of the grip rubber stuck to the white palm,”

    I feel like this is kind of a big issue, and you just skimmed over it like it was no big deal. The last thing I’d want is palm material falling apart on a ride.

    • Marc Basiliere on


      I think you misunderstand- the “grip rubber” is rubber from grips that’s making them look dingy. The full quote reads “…with the exception of the grip rubber stuck to the white palm, each trip through the wash has these gloves looking almost new.”


  4. Gillis on


    I did misunderstand. I looked at that patch of rubber on the palm and assumed that’s what you were referring to.


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