E13 TRS R Crank

For 2014, Northern California based E*Thirteen recently launched a series of updated products and a new enduro race oriented product line. Currently, the company offers three distinct product lines for everything from XC to DH usage. The XCX products are cross country specific, TRS components are built for trail and all mountain abuse, and the LG1 items are ready for World Cup level DH abuse.

Each of these product lines features three different tiers. The top of the line “R” products use exotic materials to push the weight and performance limits under race conditions. Mid level price point are “+” items, which use similar tech to the race oriented line up, but sacrifice some fancier manufacturing processes to bring down price. The base level items, which have no particular designation, are targeted towards the OEM market.

With the recent popularity of Enduro racing, the company has developed an entire product line for riders attempting to push the limits and trim seconds.

E13 TRSr Chain Guides

Going through the product line in roughly ascending order of price – we start with the two new chain guides.

The biggest story here is a the new carbon back plate, which e13 claims is 20% lighter and 25% stronger. The TRSr Dual guide on the left weighs a feathery 76 grams. On the right is the new LG1r Downhill Guide, which is 30 grams lighter than (one of our long time favorite guides) the LG1+. Both are available with either black or white plastics.

E13 Pedals

e13 TRS Race Pedal Details

The LG1R pedals feature the same replaceable plastic plates and customizable bearing preload as their standard pedal, but use heat treated aluminum pins and a Ti axle to save weight. New seals have also been introduced which decrease spinning friction. The plastics are available in Red, Blue, White, and Black.

MSRP for the 380 gram pedals is $319, with availability in August.

E13 TRS Race CranksThe new cranks, with 36/22 and BSA+ BB, weighs 741 grams. They are compatible with either single or double chain ring setups and use a spiderless design. E13 uses a German designed spindle interface called Polygon 3 (P3) that was originally developed for high torque industrial applications like tank drive shafts. They claim it provides 100% spindle to crankarm surface area contact and avoids splined interface degredation – the pimary causes of crank loosening and creaking.

Gearing options include 28-38 single rings, and 38/24, 36/22, 34/20 doubles. All single cranks will come stock with the modified chain ring for improved chain retention that we covered at Sea Otter.

E13 TRS Race Hub

The new 2014 Product Line uses reworked front and rear hubs for increased serviceability and lighter weight. The new hubs are 20% (60 grams) lighter and have wider flanges for better traingulation, in order to produce a stiffer overall wheel.

E13 TRS Race Wheels

The TRSr race are e13s latest and greatest wheelset. They’ve been entirely reworked for better weight, strength, and durability. They’re 5% lighter than the TRS+ wheelset at 1560 grams and the engineers claim they’re 30% stiffer.

The company also increased the rim with for better performance with larger tires – up to 2.5″ wide. The sidewalls have also been reinforced with more material to decrease the likelihood of dents.


  1. Love the cranksets, but come on guys, a high(er) end component like this needs a decent bottom bracket to go along with it! $379.00 and we have to throw away the bottom bracket and buy another??? Not good.

  2. I agree, the e13 Bottom Brackets are subpar for sure! Also, the statement about the cranks not coming loose because of the German designed interface – not true, the e13 crank is the only crank I’ve owned in 20+ years that’s ever come loose. The price point and weight are the best things going for the cranks!

  3. yoshi – if its coming loose something is wrong. check the interface for wear or damage. make sure you torque it to spec (which is definitely on the high side – about 45Nm) and are using enough spacers to prevent side to side play. they for sure require more attention to detail than shimano cranks, but once they’re in they’re awesome.

    fwiw i had picked up a set of xcx cranks second hand, and they kept coming loose. turns out the previous owner never tightened them enough and the interface was damaged. got a new set from e13 – haven’t had a problem since. super stiff, absolutely love them!

    regarding the BB – they make a tiNi BB that’s a lot nicer than what comes stock with the cranks… but is also $70.

  4. The problem with the BB is how the bearings are sealed. There was a new version shipping with cranks starting late last year, and it’s better – but still not ideal. Great cranks, though. I hope a better BB is on the way.

  5. We’ve had constant issues with the cranksets (SS and fatbike cranks). New, out of the box and properly torqued in the shop, within 2-3 rides, they loosen up, creak and on 2 seperate fatbike cranks the customer had the arm fall off. We’re not convinced on the spindle interface. Just our 2 cents.

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