2014 Fox CTD remote shock lockout lever gets smaller

Earlier this year, Fox quietly released a revised version of their massive mechanical CTD lockout lever, giving it a much more compact form factor.

We spotted this one hooked up to a Fox fork and shock and, while it’s not branded, this is the new, smaller remote. It has a two position lever to move it from Descend to Trail to Climb. The black release lever pops it all the back up to Descend.

UPDATE: Fox just informed us the remote is compatible with 2013 shocks, but not forks. It should work with all ’14 products.

More pics below…

2014 Fox CTD remote shock lockout lever gets smaller

This shows full depression to Climb mode; note the detent in the middle for Trail mode.

2014 Fox CTD remote shock lockout lever gets smaller

There’s one adjustment bezel inline between a cable splitter, and a second bezel after that for the rear shock.

The lever is not compatible with 2013 shocks and forks due to a different pull ratio. No official word on whether Fox is working on a similar lever for their DOSS dropper post, but keep your fingers crossed.


  1. The old lever works great on my 1×10. Right hand controls gears, left for shock. The same operation uses the muscle memory i have had for years.

  2. The frame that the bike is on could be of more interest. Is that a new Pivot 29er (529 maybe)? I can’t make out all the numbers, but it doesn’t appear to be a 429.

  3. This lever just looks clumsy. Compare it to Rock Shox’s hydraulic lever for example, which in addition to flawless function and ergonomics, looks good and matches with their lever for the Reverb. In fact once you have the gear levers, brakes, Reverb and lockout lever all nicely integrated into the single clamp it just looks the money! This does not. Try again!

  4. Jeff, that bike is not a Pivot, it look like a BH, you can actually see the “H” in the first picture.

  5. @Saris… I was just having a conversation with a colleague about that. I wonder if you could run the lever under the bars instead if you wanted like some people do with Reverb anyway?

  6. @Matt……Why can’t you just lay your bike down? That way it definitely can’t fall over. My mtb likes dirt for some reason. Does yours not?

  7. I am seeing conflicting information on the web about the compatibility of the new lever and 2013 rear shocks. I just got off the phone with a representative at Fox who told me that I can not use the 2014 lever on the 2013 float shock. This contradicts the update above. Can anyone clarify?

  8. I have one in my bike. Problem is the spring under the black lever came off. Called the Fox they don’t actually manufactures these and you cannot just replace the spring only, you have to buy the whole lockout($80).

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