While researching yesterday’s post on the Semester, we came across some pretty cool stuff over at HERObike and Bamboo Bike Studio, namely, kits that allow you to build your own bamboo frame.  They even offer three day workshops during which you can build your own bike in Camden, Maine; Toronto, Ontario; and Greensboro, Alabama.  Home brewers, gardeners, and general DIYers join us for more info after the break.


Unlike the video, building your own bamboo frame will probably take about 20-30 hours.

The kits come with or without bamboo tubing.  The only things you need to supply are a few common tools, like a drill, hammer, and wrenches, and a  few common materials from the hardware store  like an MDF board, alcohol, sandpaper, etc. (For a full list of what’s included and what’s not, see here and here.)




Workshops typically take place on the weekends, but midweek workshops are possible for groups of five or more.   HERObike in Greesnboro, AL, for example, is currently offering workshops August 16-18, September 21-23, October 4-6, November 15-17, and December 13-15 for $350.


  1. Mindless on

    Now, this is fun. Building stuff yourself.

    Paying money for such a bike, with some misguided marketing about eco-friendly and stuff, is not.

  2. Bob K on

    Hi guys, about that third link (http://www.bamboobikestudio.useful-arts.com/kits/) my AVAST antivirus blocks it. Calls it a threat and gives it a “Severity” rating of “High” and names it “HTML Script-inf.” While I strongly suspect the only threat is in the scurvy little hearts and minds over at AVAST I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing something similar?


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