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The Eleven Velo crew consider themselves a design shop that produces a cycling product, not just a clothing company.  Their ideal is to produce a high quality, sustainable, responsibly sourced, well designed product that they love.  Fortunately for the rest of us, they have very good taste, and are turning out some pretty impressive looking Merino wool based kit.

Why is their product so special that we are posting about it?  Well, simply put, it’s customizable.  One visit to their website, and you will quickly find they have a myriad of options for all of the items they produce, allowing you to design and order exactly what you want.  This isn’t race kit emblazoned with logos and sponsors of teams and companies, but rather, classy apparel designed to perform well.

Join us past the break for more on Eleven Velo.


Eleven Velo’s design and production facility is located in Australia.  From here, they source materials such as Merino wool from Victoria (Southern Australia) that is certified non-mulesign, quality zippers from the US and Switzerland, thread from Germany, and Italian Lycra.  These items are sourced because the companies that produce them operate ethically and sustainably.  These materials are then assembled by hand to produce each product, as it is ordered  You won’t find boxes of ready made inventory here.  So far Eleven is off to a good start in my book.


At this point you might be wondering what a product of this caliber costs?  Well, it’s pretty reasonable to be honest.  I have always operated upon the principle that you buy a quality product once, rather that a cheap product multiple times.  Eleven’s clothing seems to be the item you buy once.  That said, it’s in the same price range as a high end jersey or bib shorts.  For instance, their premium cycling bibs cost $141.87 USD (thats $165AU), and their Team Jersey runs $106.17 USD ($128AU). The best part is that you can customize the colors to match your bike!  And honestly, who doesn’t love being all matchy matchy.

Eleven Velo Customize Options

Eleven Velo is also capable of producing small production runs for shops.  Any shop looking to set themselves apart from the competition with a niche product could easily order some custom, quality clothing to sell.  It would also be a great way to get a unique team kit produced.

So is the hype real?  We shall find out soon enough.  Eleven has committed to sending some samples our way for a full review, so stay tuned.


  1. And we even provided some moody shots of the work room, you know because we like setting the retro feeling scene (it is actually the workroom, though the mood has been added for effect!)

  2. I have a number of Eleven Velo products including jersey, bibs (x3), universal shorts, premium trail shorts and riding vest. Hands down some of the best quality kit I’ve used. I can’t speak highly enough of the product and customer service. Certainly worth a look!

  3. My only hiccup is there is no yellow/gold color option. I ride this color exclusively as it is the least attractive color to the bugs that bite in my woods. Sounds silly I agree, but since proving this with my own experiments, this is why I exclusively stick to this color.

  4. Ryan, unfortunately we can’t get hold of yellow at the moment. Not sure why….and moe bugs you’ve to there. Clubber, same with the purple, and you would not be the first to ask.

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