We haven’t done a Friday Shredits feature in a few weeks but this video of Eric Johnson got me pumped. His good natured style makes me want to dig out the BMX and head to the park.

Aaron Chase and Brett Rheeder are two incredibly talented riders, and their friendly antics makes for a great game of BIKE.

Side note: Have you ever watched a video and shouted “NO WAY, THATS 5 MINUTES FROM MY HOUSE” at the screen? The first place featured in this video is located in Derby Park, Santa Cruz, CA. It’s the first skate park ever built in California and one of the oldest in the world!

For a different scene, it’s off to Canada to watch Katrina Strand, Fanny Paquette, Beth Parsons and Miranda Miller shred the gnar.


  1. pretty much the lamest thing ever… dude has no pump at a skatepark designed for pump… pedaling between sections of a smooth concrete skatepark proves mtb need to focus on “gnar turns” in dirt with full-faces… google chase hawk or tom dugan if you want to see what’s suppose to happen when you ride in a skatepark…

  2. can you spell lame with a G these days…

    Take the “gnar-turn-bar-full-face” bike and ride somewhere else. No pump AT ALL… sucked

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