Alligator never disappoints, there’s always something interesting at their booth. This year, it’s the new Cool Series Brake Pads.

They have aluminum carriers with organic pads and up to 37 mini rods sticking out to dissipate heat. They’re available for new and old Shimano, plus Formula and Avid.

Available next month, retail is TBD. They’ll save about 3-4 grams over XT IceTech.

But wait, there’s more…

The new Extreme Carbon Brake Pads infuse carbon into an organic pad material to help reduce heat transmission from the pad into the caliper. Available for Magura, Shimano, Hayes, TRP and Formula. It’s designed for aggressive riding and racing, think DH, not XC.

Their Silver Star Cable Kit takes the typical wound stainless housing and separates the inner liner to create a two piece system (three with the cable). They also took the coating of the putside off the outside of the housing, so it can be painted any color.

The benefit is it’s more Eco friendly bust just replace the liner rather than the entire housing. The one downside is that you could end up with metal running ruining your frame, but they make a solution for that:

The black housing is the new Alligator Superlight Cable kit that uses fiberglass based cable housing reminiscent of Gore’s fiber optic ones. It’s lighter (about 10g/meter) and comes in black and yellow.

Did we save the best for last? Oh yeah:

Their new Welding Machine heats the cable quickly at such heat that it simultaneously cuts the cable and welds the strands together. The result is a very clean cut that doesn’t need a cable end clamp. It only takes a couple seconds per cable, so it can really save a shop some time when you factor in time spent fishing or fixing frayed cables through a frame. It comes with a cleaning kit and safety goggles that you won’t ever wear.


  1. CXisfun on

    I’m going to forgive any and all typos because you brought that INCREDIBLE cable cutter to my attention. Holy crap, that’s amazing! MSRP?

  2. Ryan on

    Those rods look like they’d be better suited on the road vs. off in regards to keeping them clean and working properly. I’d have those packed with mud and grass within half a mile.

  3. MattS on

    Best bike tool I’ve seen since the mental custom truing stand I read about a while ago, built by a european pro wrench. I want this, yesterday.

  4. R0b0tAt0ms on

    Hoping the MSRP on that cutter is sub $100….. probably dreaming, but my want level is through the roof on that thing!

  5. PROOF READ on

    “The benefit is it’s more Eco friendly bust replace the liner”

    “you could end up with metal running your frame”

    You guys get paid for this?

  6. Collin on

    For all those nit picking on Tylers posting, he is trying to get as many articles up as possible to show us the new stuff at Eurobike, Lay off. I rather see more stuff like this with a little errors that he can polish up after the fact then have 1 perfect article showing 1 product during his entire trip.

    The cutter is sweet and those pads are a great alternative to the $25 pads from shimano.

  7. Adam on

    I must have that Welding Machine! Great idea. And relax grammar Nazi’s, he’s kinda busy with the show and writing this all so that you can experience the coolest new stuff coming out in the industry you love so much.

  8. Fraser C on

    To all the critics of the ‘pot scrubber’ pads, hear this: The backing plates are Aluminum, which has a high coefficient of heat transfer. Heat transfer is a function of area.. Fins or rods increase area fasssst. Result: pads that stay cool, and help keep the calipers cool during prolonged braking.

    This response was proof read, thanks for noticing. Try to be nice to nice peolpe who bring you great product info quickly and for FREE! Life is just too short to be a (short) dick. HAH!

    P.S. That cable cutter is da bomb! Often thought about a crack pipe lighter and some solder to do the same thing, albeit a bit messier….

  9. chasejj on

    Hey Tim- I agree that crash would also grind your chain/seat stay to the point your whole bike is totalled.
    I would definitely avoid that thowaway$40 brake pad to make sure that never happens.

    Forest through the trees,son.

  10. bsimon on

    “And relax grammar Nazi’s,”

    Dude, are you trying to detonate the grammar Nazis’ heads? There’s no apostrophe when you’re indicating plural.

    On the brake fins: the point about mud clogging is a good one. Fragility less so; any crash that bends/breaks the fins/pins is going to likewise damage the caliper & other parts.

  11. Champs on

    Home mechanics might never be able to afford—OK, justify—that cutter but wow. I’d pay a few bucks to have the whole fleet done up.

  12. Tim on

    chasejj- just saying they look a little vulnerable, I can’t see a side view which shows if the rods protrude. I’m not an engineer, but I’ve seen a lot of bike stuff break, particularly things with lots of hard right angles, and those pads have 37 of them.
    Always baffled by the sarcasm and vitriol in comment threads about bicycle equipment.

  13. mechanic on

    Lay off the guys for typos. Use some extrapolation abilities and connect the dots. Be stoked on rad cable cutters or go play crossword puzzles.

  14. Tyler Benedict on

    All – They weren’t 100% on the MSRP, but likely around $300 or just a bit more. Designed for the heavy user, but it was absolutely freakin’ awesome to watch in action. So fast and so clean. And it made sparks. Regarding the typos, autocorrect does it’s best to foil my attempts to post from the show on an iPhone…but we’ve got a ton of coverage going on, and more coming up. A LOT more. Hope you enjoy!

  15. john on

    Give Tyler a break on the Typos… he’s in Germany for Krampus sake…. They drink 1L steins of beer for freggin breakfast!!! Tyler, please try the Dunkel beer, it is sehr gute!

  16. Engineer on

    @ Kristi

    I wish I woulda been able to say that to them! Haha keep up the good work!

    Tyler keep on postin’ man, maybe one of those grammar Nazi’s will offer up their free grammar editing services if they really can’t stand a few errors!

  17. Jimbrowski on

    Im sure every Bicycle Technician who finds out about that friggin awesome cable cutter will own one regardless of cost. If you guys like tools look into EVT. Efficient Velo Tools. That guy makes tools to last multiple lifetimes

  18. Robbo on

    As a full-time grammar Nazi, this is the first post I’ve read on this site that had so many literals; it has the stench of AutoCorrect all over it. Big ups for getting the news up so quickly and thoroughly – shame of those of you biting the hand that feeds for free!

  19. Robbo on

    OMG – the combo of Flipboard and my rotten iPhone has mutilated my response beyond recognition… In short, thanks, BikeRumor, for getting EB13 news up so quickly. Typos can be fixed, too, so those who are complaining might want to ease up a bit. These guys have had a big few days, by the looks!

  20. Charles on

    I’m pretty sure that if cooling rods or cooling fins were necessary on disc brake pad carrier, we’d have already seen them on a motoGP bike, years ago, before carbon ceramic brakes became the norm. In that sport, the temps are much higher, and technology like this would be much more needed than a mountain bike. Seems like a gimmick. I do like my ice-tech shimano brakes though.

  21. vk on

    Descending at a very rocky terrain (10km) I’m always complaining about my brakes overheating, and i use ceramic compound pads. I would like to check those pads with the cooling rods, lets see if they work & perform better.


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