Carbon-Ti always has some very nice weight weenie dream build parts on display. This year’s newness was led by a wide range of titanium wide/narrow chainrings that are direct mount for Cannondale’s HollowGram SiSL cranksets, Specialized’s S-Works and SRAM. Models for 76bcd and 104bcd coming soon. Closeup pic after the break.

They also have new lightweight alloy thru axle replacements for Fox and Rockshox forks. They’re of the 15mm variety and weigh in at 35g. Retail is about €90.



Check past years’ coverage of Carbon-Ti here and here. Hit them up at


  1. “That chainring spider rotates in the wrong direction to match my disc rotors”. So this chainring spins same direction as wheels (neetO), but torque transfer through this spider is in the WRONG DIRECTION. There is a reason why rotor spiders are oriented the way they are.

  2. “Wrong direction” is a “stylistic license” because the 4 mm thick Titanium Grade 5 arms worked from the solid are much more stiff than how it needs.

  3. So …how the 15mm axle will lock?…in the original manufacturer axle the lever keep the force against the lower. As long I see these need an hex key to tighten them, the 20mm which looks like these at least have a lock system (Fox TALAS, RS Maxle, etc) is like going back IMO.

  4. Anyone that needs a 38 tooth front ring is obviously racing XC on a 26” bike. People like that are OBVIOUSLY not willing to spend money on new equipment.

  5. @danger – I run a SRAM stages power meter, otherwise I’d be on it. Have that setup on my “fun” bike.

    @Andrew – thanks bro, but I spin out on 36t so maybe you just haven’t graduated yet 😉

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