Ok, there aren’t any actual sharks involved, but the form of the Hammerhead GPS is modeled after the head of its namesake toothy predator. Hammerhead appears to be a new type of GPS unit, one that combines a number of functions like lights and turn by turn directions, but does so without the use of a screen or complicated controls. Instead, the Hammerhead links up to your iPhone with Bluetooth Smart technology and their included app. With the app and the Hammerhead running, they claim a 5 hour run time for your phone, and 20 hour run time for for the GPS.

Hammerhead GPS 2

Similar to the way finding capabilities of the new crop of GPS units, the Hammerhead app allows you to choose a ride based on elevation, distance, difficulty and more and then directs you along the route with its lights. The built in lights on the Hammerhead will point the way utilizing the GPS system on your phone. The Hammerhead boast a number of other potential features with Strava like segments and the ability to gauge your progress while riding or use it to guide yourself to meet up with other friends who are out riding. The integrated lights also help you to bee seen by motorist, combining yet another function into the small device.


Full details are still pretty slim with the Hammerhead project team trying to raise funds for its production through dragon innovation, but the possibilities are pretty impressive considering the target retail price is well under most bicycle GPS units. More importantly, the whole idea behind the Hammerhead seems to be simplicity. This could be the GPS for people who don’t want to mess with GPS. The team still has a long way to go with less than $5,000 raised of a $145,000 goal, but still has 36 days to go. Hammerhead units are being offered through dragon for $70-78 depending on the deal which includes a universal handlebar mount that is stem compatible.

Would you ride with a Hammerhead?

Hammerhead GPS


  1. M.A. on

    So pretty neat design but I doubt people will be replacing their Garmin / iPhones with this…

    This would work with a heads up display (for those wearing glasses)… which would be neat.

  2. JimmyZ on

    There was a story from earlier this year that featured a bar / stem integrated combination with turn signals, lights, and GPS (for theft recovery?). I commented that it was an example of over integration in design. I hope that the inventors see this and think about the different ways that equipment and parts can be used together.

  3. LT on

    I think this looks great – slick design – easy to use.
    Iphone cant work because of battery time failing with the screen on – plus this lets you focus more on the road and less on staring at a detailed map.

  4. Jackman on

    This is awesome because it seems to be far more intuitive and simple than bike GPS on the market, yet gives a great deal of information. Powerful.


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