If you recall our factory tour of K-Edge last month, these may look familiar. We saw both the steerer-cap mounted computer mount shown above and the Quarter-20 camera mount in prototype form. Little did we know they’d move into production so quickly!

The Stem Mount will come in two iterations, the adjustable model shown above for $39 and a fixed, flat one for $29. Both are CNC’d in their Boise, ID, facility and use the new injection molded insert to expand model compatibility in the future. For now, they’ll ship with the 1/4 turn Garmin mounts, letting them worth with the Edge 200, 500, 510, 800, 810 & Forerunner 310XT, 910XT. Colors are anodized black, red or gunmetal gray.

If you’re looking to mount something bigger, the new Quarter-20 mount lets you bolt just about any camera to your bike…


The design gets the computer off the stem, leaving room for straps (touring) or just giving it somewhere to go besides the aero bars (triathletes) when a hydration system is filling the space between extensions.


Weights are 21g for the fixed model and 25g for the adjustable one. They’ll fit any standard 1-1/8″ steerer tube and are held in place by the top cap.


If you missed the mention in the recently announced new Sony action sports cameras, the Quarter-20 mounts were developed as a solution for Sony. The electronics giant wanted a quality mount to include in a high end bundle, and the nod went to K-Edge. A handlebar and saddle rail mount will ship with the camera in a $399 bundle in black only.

Fortunately, the same handlebar mount is available to everyone for $59.99 in red, black or gunmetal.


They’ll also offer the saddle rail clamp with the Quarter-20 adapter for $74.99. And if you already have their original Go Big GoPro mounts, you can just just the Quarter-20 adapter for $29.99 and bolt it on.


Actually, the adapter will convert any GoPro mount into a Quarter-20 mount, regardless of brand. It just slots into the stock round GoPro case/mount interface.


Another nice touch is that the Quarter-20 (as in 1/4″ – 20, the bolt diameter/size used for common tripod mounts on normal cameras) bolt and the fixing bolt (which is used by Sony’s action cam to keep it from rotating) can both be removed and flipped, letting you mount a camera on either side of the new I-Beam mount. The handlebar mount is for 31.8 bars only and weighs in at 46g.

All items available October 1. K-Edge.com


  1. It looks like the handlebar mount would work for a Contour camera as well, with the fixing bolt removed, and the 1/4″ bolt oriented as in the gun metal example above.

  2. NICE! I’m glad to see them expanding out to accommodate more devices. I hope they make an extension for the saddle mount that will connect to a GoPro. I’ve been trying to find a solid extension arm to allow me to still carry my saddle bag while using a rear-facing GoPro. All we need is an extension arm with GoPro fitting on both ends. How hard can that be to machine?

  3. Does this work with the new Garmin Edge 100 1/4 turn also. Not sure it’s the same as the 800 and it was not listed.


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