Sweet Protection isn’t a name we hear much about in the States yet. They’re based out of Trysil, in the mountains of Norway, and the brand has been in development since the founders’ early renegade skating days in the late ’80s. After making skateboards, snowboards and then kayaks, they made the move to actual business with protective gear designed around their own active lifestyles.

Today, their full face and full coverage helmets are worn by riders in events like Red Bull Rampage and Nine Knights, and the Bushwhacker is the first heavily vented lid aimed more at trail riding.

It uses five distinct outer pieces inmolded to the EPS body. Two of them are carbon fiber, which they say is stiffer and helps disperse impact forces over a larger area. Inside, a MIPS liner helps separate the shell from the head, potentially reducing rotational injuries. Closeups and more below…


Curvy carbon fiber panels are inmolded between polycarbonate sections.


The yellow MIPS liner holds the pads and is separated from the helmet, held in place only by a couple small tabs. Should you hit the ground at an odd angle that causes the helmet to whip around, the theory is that MIPS allows the shell to rotate more than your skull. The Occigrip 4-Way rear retention mechanism adjusts in height and tightness.


The visor comes with the mounting hardware and is removable.


Click to enlarge. The Bushwhacker will hit Europe in March for €169. As for the US, Sweet’s rep Dustin had this to say:

“In short, the story on introducing the MTB (and Winter) line here in North America is that we’re getting close, but there are a few more pieces that need to fall into place first … you only get one chance to make a first impression, right!?! We currently sell and distribute only our whitewater line of helmets and gear, but we’re excited to pick up on some of the enthusiasm and energy in this North American marketplace. Our helmets are – and always have been – known for their safety and it seems the market here is ready for something a little new.”


The clothing line is rather surf inspired. They also offer a full package of body armor as well as helmets and gear for snow/ski and whitewater kayak. Check ’em out at SweetProtection.com


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