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Part aluminum, part bamboo, Aluboo bikes are now available in size fat. Joining in on the fatbike craze, Boo bikes is staking their claim with a fat tired version of their metal-bamboo hybrids.

If that wasn’t enough, they also built a one off fatbike for a customer where the sky was the limit. Check out both bamboo big bikes after the break!

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Built on their lugged aluminum bamboo design, the Aluboo bikes feature full length bamboo tubes for the top, bottom, and seat tubes that are bonded into aluminum lugs with aluminum stays.   The Aluboo fatbike has clearance for 4.8 Buds on 100mm rims thanks to a 170mm QR rear axle and 122mm pressfit BB.

Up front there is a tapered head tube that will see an aluminum alloy fork design of their own for production.

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Front derailleurs will need to use a clamp on adapter while the pressfit BB will accept standard 100mm fatbike cranks. An Aluboo frame, fork, and headset will go for $895 as do all of the Aluboo framesets, with the bike pictures here weighing in at a claimed 30lbs.

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More impressive, but not slated for production was this crazy bamboo fatbike complete with a carbon seat mast that was a custom build for a customer.

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Carbon, bamboo, and ti? Yup, it’s all there. While the frame features carbon sections including the seat mast bonded into bamboo tubes, the front end of the bike is all ti with a Black Sheep truss fork and handle bar.

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A King headset holds together the front end with the one piece bar/stem from Black Sheep up top.

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Of course there is a belt drive and a Rohloff in there too!

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Instead of building Rohloff compatibility into the frame, the  hub is attached to a Monkey Bone post mount disc brake adapter. Want one of these bikes for yourself? Give Boo Bikes a call, but don’t forget your wallet!


  1. is it me or do these aluminum production bikes look kind of cheap? I was a fan of the true boo frames. now these cheaper price point frames kind of lessen the value of what they had originally created in the boo brand. just my view.

  2. K11–the fatty shown is not actually a Boo, it’s an Aluboo ( We had the frame arrive literally one day before OutDoor Demo, and had no stickers on it. Of course the only ones we had were BOO, so that’s what we have here. Production framesets will be labeled Aluboo.

    They definitely are cheaper. To put some numbers to this, the custom Boo carbon/bamboo frames are upwards of $3k. That doesn’t even include a fork. For many, myself included, it’s worth it. But my bike costs more than my car. If you want something similar in performance, super unique, but also affordable, pay 1/3 the price and get an Aluboo. We are stoked with how well the Aluboo performs, and while it’s not a full-custom Boo, it doesn’t have the hefty price tag either.

  3. my comment was not meant to be mean spirited, just that many associate the boo name directly to each other with or without the alu and the separate web addresses.

    I am a fan of the boo cx frames and race bikes.

  4. How would the bamboo react to extreme temperatures? Is it treated to keep it from expanding/contracting?

    Not distributed in china, too many pandas…. Yummmmmmm

  5. [deleted]

    Yes, this is an absolutely pointless bike for poseurs. Suckers are born every day. There is absolutely no reason to pay that much money for a product that is inferior in performance to conventional manufactured ones.

  6. The Alubooyah is a sweet ride that I have no problem posing with. It is around 30 lbs.built with X9 components and shod with Husker Du’s. It rolls and handles as well as any fat bike and better than most. The Boo team is a down to earth approachable team with true passion for their products.
    The use of bamboo on the cross bikes gives one a real feel for the vibration dampening and strength wise, well I used bamboo to pole vault with in the 60’s. Now that I am in my 60’s I am going to be riding bamboo.
    I think I can out run a panda in the flats so no worrie in that regard.

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