Mercury Cycling has unveiled their first mountain bike wheels, in 27.5″ and 29er, with the higher end X3 rims extruded and built by Velocity in Jacksonville, FL. Below them will be a slightly cheaper X1 model, and both are wide enough to make mountain bikers happy.

The hubs are versatile and will work for all mountain bike axle options just by switching end caps. They’ll have an XX1 driver body, too.

They’re also versatile enough to take road bike cassettes, giving them options for road disc brake wheels. They can be laced into any of their existing road rims with a 24/24 spoke count. There’s no upcharge, and they can even be built up with their carbon rims.


The X3 has a 25mm wide, 17mm deep rim. Claimed weights are 735g/825g (27.5″ – 1560g/set) and 780g/870g (29er – 1650g/set).  They’re built with Velocity’s Blunt SL rims, which have a much lower, tighter tubeless ready bead hook. They’re working on a proprietary rim profile for next year. Retail is $649 with your choice of standard or XX1-style freehub body.


The X1 has a 26mm wide, 22mm deep rim. Weights are claimed at 750g/849g (27.5″ – 1,599g/set) and 784g/882g (29er – 1,666g/set). They’re built in Taiwan with Taiwanese rims.


They’re tubeless ready but have a taller interior bead hook wall. $599 per set with any freehub body.

Both wheels use Sapim Race spokes laced 28/28 2-cross.

2014-Mercury-mountain-bike-rear-hub 2014-Mercury-mountain-bike-front-hub

The hubs are pretty straightforward, and you can order any of their road wheels built with these, too, for a solid set of ‘cross or gravel disc brake wheels.


For normal road, they’ve added a clincher version of their M9 80mm deep carbon rims.


They’re 23.5mm wide.


  1. I dont know what i hate more: the idea of a “gravel grinder hub” or the full screen Kohl commercial invading the screen.
    Can i get some gravel grinder bottle cages and fat bike headset spacers too?

  2. Gravel grinder just means they come with a sachet of sand with witch to pack the freehub. Angry volcano hubs(black beach sand)!

  3. Yall are missing the big picture here. These gravel grinder hubs are just the first in a series of upgrades and improvements that will undoubtedly lead the way to the new industry STANDARD!!!!!1

    You know, ’cause there aren’t enough different standards out there yet.

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