Henty Wingman rollup garment messenger bag for cyclists

Henty is an area in Tasmania, where the founders are from. They’ve been at it for a year now and just released a new duffel bag called the Hold ‘Em. It has a separate shoe compartment and sealed, reinforced bottom seams to keep your gear dry if it’s set down in the mud. Perfect for ‘cross season.

It’s nice, but I forgot to take a picture of it because I was so mesmerized by their original piece, the Wingman rollup garment messenger bag.

The Wingman includes a gym bag core to keep it stiff and prevent your fancy dress clothes from wrinkling. Here, co-founder Jeremy Grey models it all rolled up, and the opened ones on the right show a couple of the interior color options. Check out more details below…

Henty Wingman rollup garment messenger bag for cyclists

The gym bag can house all your, um, soft goods and delicates while the hanging main section keeps outwear flat. Clips keep it in place for easier rolling…and to keep it from sliding out like brats always do when you take a bite. Always.

Henty Wingman rollup garment messenger bag for cyclists

The backside has more storage and clips to keep it compressed and secure once it’s rolled up. Retail is $199, it’s totally on my Christmas list, and the rest of the details are here:

Henty Wingman rollup garment messenger bag for cyclists

Their website is at Henty.cc, which led to an interesting nugget that Grey shared. CC is the domain ending for Cocos and Keeling islands, but the UK has adopted it as Cycling Club. Hence, Rapha.cc and Road.cc, etc.


  1. my current method:
    lay out clothing, slide into giant ziplock back, like a giant garment bag.
    roll, burp air, rubber band to stay rolled
    place in old school Chrome Kremlin bag…

  2. Bought one last time I was in Sydney. Great bit of kit for both travelling and commuting to work with. Keeps my suit perfect for meetings.

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