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Whether you’re warming up for a race, trying to stay fit in the winter, or just spin your legs due to injury, for many cyclists trainers are a necessary evil. Let’s be honest, even the best trainers pale in comparison to actually riding a bike, but if you have to use a trainer SportCrafters’ Omnium is proof you don’t have to stick with the status quo. When it comes to cyclists warming up for a race, bringing a trainer along means yet another thing to carry to the pits in a likely overcrowded car, and you can pretty much forget bringing a standard trainer on an airplane – which is exactly why the Omnium is appealing.

Compact, stable, and lifelike, SportCrafters has a lot to offer in the Omnium, check it out next.

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One of the major concerns our commenters had when we spotted the prototype at Cyclocross Worlds in Louisville was the stability of the trainer and the durability of the fork dropouts clamped to the front. You can rest assured that when the Omnium is released, SportCrafters will have tested it ad nauseum to prevent failures. They have already cycle fatigue tested the front fork for normal use and the machine broke before the fork or fork mount. The next step is testing individual forks in the case of a tip over.

Even though they are testing for it, a tip over seems highly unlikely after watching numerous show goers sprint test the trainers like Jeff here from City Bicycle Works. The trainers are incredibly stable, and you would basically have to forget you were on a trainer and try to drag a knee to get the thing to fall over.

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Since we first saw it, there have been quite a few changes – some cosmetic, some functional. The ARC rollers are new, and are a larger diameter than the prototype with vented end caps for cooling. While testing the rollers at a continuous 400 watts, the rollers topped out at 120°F, still not hot enough to damage a tire. These are essentially a smaller version of their progressive resistance drums found in the full size rollers which provide an incredibly lifelike ride quality without fluid, fans, etc. SportCrafters promise the drums won’t wear out race tires like a standard trainer will as an added bonus.

Additionally, the arms are a bit wider for more stability, yet the trainer still packs down to an impressively small package that is TSA carry on approved. They may get you for your bike, but the trainer flies free. Other highlights include obviously the need to only remove the front wheel, a telescoping design to fit any bike, and it’s 100% designed and manufactured in Grainger, Indiana and includes SportCrafters’ Lifetime Warranty. Expect the Omnium to be available for sale in early spring, until then keep up to date with everything SportCrafters on Facebook or Twitter.


  1. oh my goodness what a horrible monstrosity. enormous, expensive and bad design. plus, the torque on the fork will basically destroy the bike. what were they drinking when they thought of it? has anyone heard of INSIDERIDE as an indoor training device? let’s stop trying to re-invent the wheel here folks.

  2. I have a set of the cadence rollers for about 4 years now. great product. Love the idea of being able to fold it up and put it on a shelf when you are done. Outstanding.

  3. I don’t know. What stops a person from leaning forward, lifting the rear wheel up, swaying to the side and then dropping the wheel down next to the rollers? No frames are going to appreciate that.


  4. I don’t have any stock in insideride other than purchasing one of their rollers off ebay 3 years ago. The sensation (bike handling, forward movement, rearward movement) are as good as the real thing. Add Trainer Road and sufferfest, and there is nothing else on the market that lets me train at home that comes close to comparing.

  5. This looks cool, but I think it misses the point of balance and using core muscles of the good-ol’-fashion rollers. It looks like rollers, but works like a fluid or magnetic trainer isn’t it?

  6. omg this bike roller trainer is freaking awesome!! I want to ride that machine no matter how matter how much it cost, but I just have to figure out how to get off the bike when it stops. LOL

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