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The list of high end road bikes equipped with disc brakes is growing. Perhaps it’s the availability of Sram’s Red and Shimano’s R785 hydraulic discs, or just companies not wanting to be left out. Either way, when companies like Wilier are putting together high end disc builds, it looks like disc brakes are here to stay – at least as an option along side the standard bikes. For Wilier, their disc brake bike is a variation of their Cento1 SR and joining the ranks next to the aerodynamically shaped Cento1 AIR. Built with almost identical lines to the rim brake Cento1 SR, the Cento1 SR Disc is disc specific with all of the necessary provisions for routing hydraulic lines internally.

See more, plus the new US specific GTs road bike after the break!

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While the rear brake gets the internal treatment, the front brake hose is simply clipped to the back of the fork leg as it travels down to the front rotor. The cable guide plate system of the original Cento1 SR and AIR continues to the Disc which allows for mechanical or electronic shifting systems with clean mounts for the batteries available. The design also aids in aerodynamics with the barrel adjusters tucked behind the down tube. The frame also makes us of the higher modulus 60 ton carbon in key areas to keep the weight down and stiffness up.

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Like most  road disc brake bikes, the rear caliper is tucked between the stays which prevents the seat stay from needing to be braced against the chain stay which would hamper ride quality. The rear end is spaced at 135mm which sits at the end of asymmetric chainstays. The bikes disc mounts are capable of running 140 or 160mm rotors.

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As with the other bikes in the line, the Cento1 SR Disc uses a BB386 bottom bracket which should make for an extremely stiff lower half of the frame like other Wiliers.

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The Cento1 SR Disc uses an integrated seat mast with a Ritchey saddle clamp, which makes the bike one of the few disc brake equipped bikes that also uses a seat mast. Offered in frame set only, the disc brake Cento1 will run the exact same as the other Cento1 road frames and be offered in XS-XXL. Frame weight for the Cento1 SR Disc is quoted at 990g and 360g for the fork

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Created specifically for the US market, the new GTs is a more relaxed geometry gran fondo bike if you will, that replaces the GT.

Willier Disc road bikes20130918_0212 Willier Disc road bikes20130918_0211

Equipped with a tapered headtube, threaded bottom bracket shell, and a frame that’s capable of running mechanical or electronic drivetrains with internal cabling, the GTs will retail for $2599 as shown. Frame weight on the GTs is 1050g with a 360g fork.




  1. wheelz on

    Looks like my next road bike will be with disc brakes. Starting to be some nice looking options out there. I was descending from 10,500 feet to 5000 feet on 8% grades in a hail storm a few weeks back and this was the first time I thought “Gee, disc brakes would be nice right now.”


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