Hermes Le Flaneur bike

Say what you will about an $11,000 townie, but if anyone can sell it, Hermes Paris would be a safe bet. The Paris based luxury retailer has a knack for attaching incredible price tags to every day items, like an $1850 baseball bat (but it has a gold swift calfskin grip!). The thing is, of all of the Hermes products, these bicycles might just offer the most bang for the buck – after all, they’re not just a generic frame with the Hermes logo attached.

Instead, Hermes sought out the carbon fiber prowess of the venerable Time to use both RTM (resin transfer molding) and CMT (compressed carbon technology) carbon technology to build two of the most advanced carbon townies around. Sure, you’re probably paying more for the bike than if it wasn’t Hermes branded, but I’d say $11,000 for a Time-framed townie is a bit more reasonable than a $3,325 hand-felted pillow.

Do some serious window shopping after the jump.

Hermes Le Flaneur Sportif bicycle

Hermes will be offering two models of bicycles, the Le Flaneur and the Le Flaneur Sportif above. Loosely translated, Le Flaneur means the loafer or loiterer, so I guess we shouldn’t expect to be setting any speed records with these bikes, though with a carbon frame and relatively high end build they should ride very well. Each bike is equipped with a Shimano Alfine 11 speed internal hub matched to a belt drive transmission and hydraulic disc brakes – even at $11 k, no Alfine Di2 here.


What you do find is that special Hermes touch like Bull Calf leather on the contact points like the grips, saddle, and carry handle, as well as a dynamo hub and lights for the Le Flaneur. The non Sportif model also receives a beautifully integrated rear fender, rack and belt guide with a more standard looking fender up front.


The Le Flaneur will be offered in Blanc d’Espagne and Charcoal in both models, while the fender and rack equipped Le Flaneur will also be available in Red. The two bikes will be available for sale in November, with each retailing for 8,100 Euros.

Le Flaneur Hermes Bike City Specs

Le Flaneur Hermes Bike sport Specs


  1. pornitswhatlwouldratherbmaking on

    So not worth ELEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS O_0. Even if l had the crap ton of money l would not spend it on that thing. Maybe, on a custom Black Cat…maybe. Status, its sickning.

  2. votre mere on

    I esteem that this would make a superlative addition to the fleet. My manservant could run alongside as I pedal up some attention. Is there a feature included which can shield me from the paparazzi that gather wherever I may deign to appear?

  3. Scott on

    I will admit that the integrated fenders on the upright bike are pretty sleek. (Or at least it is integrated on the back). And the leather “hand grip” or whatever on the top tube is a nice touch. But not 11k nice.

  4. ve on

    The question is when you see an overweight retiree on a $10k bike would you rather see him coasting along at 12mph clad in latex on a Colnago or on one of these?

    I wouldn’t buy this, but I wouldn’t buy the either other! As a decision for me this product is inconsequential. But it might make my rides easier on the eyes, which is a good thing.

  5. Slow Joe Crow on

    A Novara Gotham with a Nuvinci CVT hub, belt drive, and battery lights is $1399 so basically you are paying $9000 for a carbon frame, a dynamo hub, and fancy leather grips. I’d say these are even more overpriced than a Budnitz.

  6. hoser on

    I visited the Hermes Paris website, and I’m glad I did because it gave me a great business idea…

    First I’ll develop a simple yet elegant website to both display and sell my product. The next time I come across a dingleberry (a truly one-of-a-kind item), I will harvest it. Then, I will wrap it in some finely tanned cowhide. Lastly, I’ll sew it up with some fancy stitching. They will sell for $750 per berry on my website.

    I know my concept is not exactly the same, but given what I have seen here, it may be worth a shot!

  7. JC on


    Do you know the difference between a classic good quality leather bag and a Leather Hermès bag….?
    Do you know what you are speaking about when you speak about RTM and CMT carbon frame…?
    Do you know that the world has many true logics, depending on your own point of view …?
    Do you know if I am jocking?
    Do you….. Really want to know?

  8. Reid on

    I think their spec on the upright is wrong. Shimano doesn’t make an Alfine rear hub with a dynamo. The dynamo is in the front hub.

    For $11k, I expect perfect copy. I’ll take my money elsewhere.

  9. Mindless on

    To be honest, those bike could probably see more riding time than some of the $10k+ S-Works or Cervelos that local roadies are buying.

  10. Mark on

    Just imagine getting doored on one of these or getting denied entry into a building that has a no bikes policy. Take the service elevator !
    Oh just chain it up?!

    The greedy rich need to feel like the not so well off so spending 11K on a wall hanger is a way to be just like the messenger who rides 10 hours every day for 100 bucks.

    The world turned upside down.

  11. Gary on

    People… try and find another bike on the market that has a carbon frame and fork (custom made in France) with internally geared hub. There’s only one other bike that has this, the German made BlackBraid… and it sells for $23,500 US. Quit your complaining!


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