Inspiration for this weekend’s CX races everywhere:


Photo submitted by Aaron Falkenberg, “Recent host of the Tour of Alberta, Devon AB (AKA Biketown AB) accommodates all forms of two wheeled bliss.  As one of the most northerly cross races, heaps of snow have featured in years past.  Being unusually warm and dry this year, designers took full advantage of steep river valley run ups and lengthy stretches of deep riverbank sand to make a truly punchy course for all.”

More CX goodness after the break.
Photo submitted by Josh Miller, “at the season opener last weekend in Charlotte NC of the NCCX series 🙂  This is how mtn bikers clear barriers !”
CX Nats
Photo submitted by Travis Gruchow, “With cyclocross in full swing now, here is a pic of my Yeti during CX Nationals last year in Verona, WI. Freezing cold weather and mud didn’t stop anyone from having a blast!”
Photo submitted by Erik Tews, “Attached is a picture of a Flow CX disc bicycle ridden on the Table Tops in Madera County, California.”
Tropical CX
Photo submitted last year by Richard Buning, “Cyclocross Florida style with coconut handups at Tropical

Photo submitted last year by Travis Neumuller, “Georgia CX State Championship, Men 1,2,3, 1st lap. End result of a chain reaction from someone not riding the sand. Everyone was ok and kept racing.”

Photo submitted two years ago by Mark Farmer, “Central Ohio cyclocross practices happen each Tuesday, set up by
volunteers each week… If you’re in the ‘bus, come cross with us.”
Photo submitted last year by Michael Frey, “Nathan Roberson of Don Walker Cycles gives the crowd something to cheer about at the Ohio Valley Cyclocross Gun Club race. A new challenge to the series brings entertainment to the spectators and yet another way for the racers to burn a few matches.”
“Unicyclocross” seen at the October 13th Pisgah Brewery Cross race in Asheville, NC.


  1. @Zack Overholt. Thank you for your site! I look at it every day probably.You and your team are doing a great job. Best bike page in my huble opinion:-)

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